How dangerous is it being a immunologist?

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How dangerous is it being a Immunologist? Risk wise?

Is there a heightened risk of contracting a disease as a Virologist or Immunologist?


I would think so. Even if a person is very, very cautious the more you are exposed to diseases the more...

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How can I find an immunologist?

I have some health issues that are suspected to be autoimmune in nature, but haven't had any luck figuring it out with my allergist. Do you know how I can find an immunologist and also (if you know) how do these differ from allergists? Thanks!


Recommend you consult an "Internal Medicine Specialist", they are better at looking at the...

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Question for Immunologist/Allergist?

My son is 14 months and has had recurrent respiratory/ear infections. His ENT has decided to put tubes in based on the continuous fluid behind the eardrums, walking and balance problems and 2 failed hearing screening tests. It has been hard to get him...


Hello, I'm no immunologist/allergist but I have anaphylaxis myself. In my experience, I have anaphylaxis...

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Optometrist vs Immunologist?

Yes, I know these two professions are very different, but as of right now these are the two that I am considering. So recently I've been talking with my parents and my aunt, who is an Optometrist, and it seems like a very interesting & rewarding...


I am not in either, but I am in medical school. It is hard, but I enjoy it. I just wanted to let you...

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What will the immunologist do?

Okay, so I have to go to the immunologist next month. I have no idea what to expect. Any help?


Probably just talk. They are not really doing doctors, more consulting. may order tests.

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Has anyone ever been to a immunologist? Should i go?

Im CONSTANTLY sick. Over the years i've had ecoli, mono, strep, bronchitis, flu, sinus infections, etc. Some of those i've had MANY times. I have even been hospitalized for the flu recently...had a temp. of 103 that wouldnt break, was vomitting, &...


I sympathize with you! I get sick constantly too, and every time I get over one, the next day something...

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I want to be an Immunologist, so what H.S classes should I take?

What kind of High School classes should I take to set me on the best path towards becoming an Immunologist? Thanks!


As far as electives: -English: Literature, Writing/Composition and Speech -Math: Algebra I/II, Geometry...

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Salary of a immunologist in the uk?

what i a salary of a clinical immunologist in the uk

Answer: will give you the options on this one and there may be relevant vacancies...

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Can a pharmacist be a immunologist?

Now I'm studying pharmacy, and I want to become immunologist in future.


You can work in immunology by becoming a doctor (MD) or getting a doctorate (PhD). Either one is another...

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For patients with chronic hives, treatment cannot control the eruptions; these hives will eventually...

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