How do I add-on a second email address?

Let’s learn how do I add-on a second email address. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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sign out first. then just go to the page where you normally would sign in, and it has a link for people...

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These HELP links are specifically about CONTACTS in the Newest email page change

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How do I close my email address without closing my yahoo account? I already opened a second email address.?

I want to change my yahoo mail address because I am getting so much spam. So far I have opened a new yahoo ID and email address. Now I want to close the OLD email ID and email more


Anne, the only way you close your email address is by closing out your whole Y! account at this address...

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How do I stop Yahoo email from automatically underlining every email address I enter when I'm writing an email?

Many email addresses have an underscore in them. When I am entering them in an email, Yahoo automatically writes an email address in blue and underlines it. The underlining makes it more


I don't know whether you can eliminate the issue. But when sending addresses with underscores in them...

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I received an email with my email address as the sender. How can they send an email to me ...from me?

I received an email that was sent from my email address. There were two emails in succession. They were sent to me. It was an offer and of course, there is no clue as to who sent more


it's because the person you sent the email to did not know how to properly answer, or has somebody answer...

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Will email sent to a yahoo groups email address be forwarded to the group owners? How can this be set up?

I have a yahoo groups email address and wnat people to be able to email that address and then have the email forwarded to me (the owner) or at least display somewhere in an inbox -- more


Is your group moderated? If it's moderated, all incoming messages will go to the mods/owners first,...

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How can I get people's names to appear with email address when sending "group" email?

When I want to send an email to a "group," only the email address shows up I want the person's name to show, with or without the email address. You sure have screwed more


Yahoo's presently have many problems with Contacts. Their engineering team is trying to resolve these...

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How to add a email to a list when a contact have 2 different email address?

Some of my contact have several email address. I want a particular address to be in the list. While creating the list, only the default email address show up and can be picked to be more


Contact lists only add the primary email address associated with a specific contact. If you want to...

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Someone sends me an email and my email address is part of 45 other people..I want to email the 45 How?

i am included in e mail with 45 people. how do i get the 45 people into my address book so i can email them as a group also?


How can you not know this? Reply to all... it's an option that comes with the Reply button. Just make...

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I want to shut down my yahoo email address only. How do I do that? I want to keep Yahoo, but not the email.?

I am leaving my job, and I will need to close down my email address through Yahoo, and set up a new email address for the new person taking my position. Can you help me do this. I more


You can't shut down the email address only. It is part of the account.

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