How do I change the cursor from a blinking black block to a blinking line?

Let’s learn how do I change the cursor from a blinking black block to a blinking line. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Server Fault.

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Vim how to change the cursor from char block to pre pipe/line

Not sure what the terminology is for it but on Vim the 'cursor' is always like an insert/replace cursor instead of the blinking line cursor I'm used to in other gui editors. Is there any way to change this when in insert mode?


If you are talking about vim inside a shell, you should configure the cursor style in your terminal...

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It's not the cursor, but the line/block in your address bar before you type an address?

What the heck is it callled and how does the size change. Mine was a simple line and now it's an annoying flashing 1/4 inch block. Help!!!!!!!!!!! You move your cursor to the address box and click in it and then this __________ shows up.


It should be found in the same place you go to change the cursor

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Is it possible to change the BLINKING VERTICAL LINE cursor in Word to a different image other than a line?

I know I can change the mouse pointer (the little arrow), but that's not what I want to change. I want to change the blinking vertical line cursor (that moves with the text). My company just got a new voice recognition program that has a stupid red rectangle...


Pretty sure you can't change it but you can make it stop blinking, control panel -> keyboard ->...

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Can i Change my number one line??? Or block calls?

Ah so theres this crazy stalker guy is giving out my number, i wanted to know if i could change my number on line. Or if i can block ppls numbers that i dont want. Btw i have a metro pcs phone.


What a pity! If you are a windows mobile phone user, maybe I can help you. Recently, I have searched...

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On CSS code, how do I change the font size of my normal text?

Just this morning I have been coding one of my websites layouts for the first time and I have everything but the font size correct. My background, scrollbar, everything. I have all my text in the places they need to be, but I can't seem to change the...


you missed out the closing } at the end of h3

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How can i change my cursor?

Ok, on youtube i see a lot of people on macs ( i use a mac ) with a cursor that when you click it makes like an outer circle, i thought that was really cool and i have no idea how to do it so would someone please tell me how or a tutorial on youtube...


The circle you're talking about is a feature that comes with a lot of recording software.

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How can i change the font size in my about me with this layout?

it wont let me change the font size. the code is: <a href="… style="position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px; height:90px; width:222px;background-image:url(); background-repeat:no-repeat; z-index:9;"...


throughout the layout there's things that say font-size: 7px Just change that 7 to whatever size you...

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Yes. You can replace a cursor icon using new cursor icon of your choice by following simple steps. ...

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How to color the cursor in excel ?

In the Ms office 2007 Excel the cursor color is default light block color. How to change the color ? Last time some one told about the cell frame coloring. I wish to change the cursor color, to wherever I go the color will come in the excel sheet in...


How to Change the Color of a Cursor in Excel By Amy Dombrower, eHow Contributor | updated April 16,...

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Java eclipse cursor problem?

I'm a Java noob I literally just downloaded it like 5 mins ago and am learning on youtube tutorials but somehow my cursor turned to a back blinking block that deletes everthing in front of it when I type. How do I get my old blinky line cursor thing...


Hit the 'insert' button on your keyboard once. It is usually on the upper right hand side of the keyboard...

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