How do I configure a controller bean?

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how to configure properties for mvc spring bean controller?

Is there a special way for doing this? What i got is: with param.key=value web.xml with ContextLoaderListener that reads the configuration pages-servlet.xml that defines servlet beans. What I want is to configure one of the beans in pages-servlet.xml with param.key. I'm using <property name="myField" value="${param.key}"/> in the xml but I see that the field is configured with ${param.key} instead of 'value'. What is the right way to configure the...


Property placeholder is what you want. <beans xmlns="

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Why can't I configure the buttons on my Playstation controller so it works with Sonic Generations on the PC?

I just found out that you can use a Playstation controller to play Sonic Generations downloaded through Steam. In Steam if you can go into your games library right click Sonic Generation you can choose configure and from their choose to you a Playstation...


then don't use steam, the game comes on like 3 DVD's. install the game, then start the game, then the...

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How to configure your gamecube controller to mac by using magicjoy box converter / dolphin emulator?

Hello members! I was so excited today because my Magicjoy box gamecube controller to usb converter just came in the mail with a brand new gamecube controller. Then I realized that for some strange reason my controller is recognized on dolphin but when...


Your in the wrong section. Game cube isnt made by sony. You should be under microsoft, xbox, or mac.

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How to configure xbox controller for pc to work with the sims 3?

i would like to know how to configure an Xbox controller to my laptop i have gotten it setup to work with my pc but the controls arnt set up for the sims 3 i know the controllers are usually used for shooting games but i know that some wow players use...


There seems to be no way to do so for the game... Sorry about that.... Good luck!

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How do you set or configure a pc game to a pc analog stick controller?

i just bought this controller for my pc and its built like a ps2 controller and i have gta san andreas on my computer is there any way to map the movement to the analog stick? i know more


ding dong

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How to configure a ps2 controller to pc to work with with pcsx2?

I just got this and i was wondering how to configure it so it works when I play games on more


That link didn't show me anything. But anyway, from what it sounds like, you could probably use xpadder...

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Configure USB controller?

How do I change around the buttons on my USB controller...i.e.make button 1 button 2 and vice versa


what kind of controller are you using.

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There are two choices either use DHCP Server or DNS Server. If use first one (DHCP Server, there is...

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A domain controller should have a static IP address so that it does not require DHCP(which is conveniently...

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