How do I connect to a SQL Server database?

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How to connect to a SQL Server database from local pc?

I am a Crystal Reports developer and I have always been working with Oracle database and this is my first time with SQL Server. This is what I have been desperately searching for. From my local PC, I want to connect to a SQL Server database which is on a database server. I am aware that I need a 'SQL Server Native Client'. And I am also aware that I need to use 'sql server management studio' so that I can view the tables and writes queries instead of using a tool like TOAD. My questions are...


Can I use 'Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express' from my local PC to connect to a SQL SERVER...

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Is Ruby on Rails suitable for apps that need to connect to more than one database (i.e. more than one data source) or apps that are database independent (i.e. can work with PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)?

In my opinion while it is possible to build one Ruby on Rails app in which some models connect to DB1 and some to DB2 by monkey patching ActiveRecord and invoking establish_connection, RoR is not designed for suchlike use cases and another framework...


You should take a look at this gem octopus, it allows you to connect to multiple databases, even with...

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Problem with ASP.NET server setup to connect to my godaddy SQL database?

Setup failed. Exception: Unable to connect to SQL Server database. ---------------------------------------- Details of failure ---------------------------------------- more


You do not seem to have configured database and user. You may contact an ASP.NET expert at websites...

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Is it possible to connect HTML with any database like Sql server,oracle etc?

i made FORM on HTML....i want to store the value of the FORM ....i m confuse where these values goes??....if any database used,then what is the code behind them thanks


u can. use php and mysql. any help just mail me brother

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It depends on what version of VB you are using, and what version of SQL Server you're attempting to...

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External Data can be linked or imported to any Access database. SQL Server through ODBC is a common...

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Definition of sql server, database engine, dbms and how they all work?

At work(I'm new) I have to use sql server 2008 R2 and from there connect to a server. Databases can be seen once opened. I use a client program(company program)which asks you to enter a database and a sql server name and am a bit puzzled.I assume databases...


Absolutely. The above statement is correct. Your client application that connects to a given database...

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How to connect sql server 2005 by using windows authentication from a client computer to a server?

I am a beginner of sql. I try to connect from my labtop (XP home) to my office server (server 2003) to access the database in the sql express. I am using Server Management Studio Express in my laptop, and using windows authentication, and connect to...


Windows Authentication in this case implies that you're going to pass on whatever you're logged into...

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