How to restrict access to a sql server database from Azure?

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Restrict SQL Server Login access to only one database

I have a SQL Server server which has around 50 databases on it. I wish to create a new Login for a client who wishes to have access to their database. But I don't want to give them access to the other ~49 databases. How can I do this? Cheers.


Connect to your SQL server instance using management studio Goto Security -> Logins -> (RIGHT...

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How do i restrict access to MSSQL 2005?

Are there any phpmyadmin-like tools for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, or other options to restrict direct access to SQL, but leaving productivity and functionality intact? I am currently in the middle of trying to restrict write access to the production...


Is there anything wrong with using SQL Server Management Studio? It's a (Windows) desktop application...

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How to access database in SQL server from ASP website?

I was trying to connect database in SQL Server 2008. the error shown is: Cannot open database "signature" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool' where "signature" is the name of...


Check connection string in web.config file The database name is either incorrect or you're trying to...

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Export database from SQL server 2008 to MS access?

Can you please tell me how to export database from sql server 2008 to ms access , only the table structure... not the data


Right click your table name > "Script Table as" > CREATE To > New Query Editor Window...

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Can I restrict write access to a SQL Server filegroup?

In SQL Server 2005, is there a way to allow only certain db users or roles to be able to write to a specific filegroup or data file? The purpose would be to restrict what filegroup a db user can write to -- eg so they can only write to a non-primary...


Never heard of any use for restricting access to a SQLServer filegroup. If you've already restricted...

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Define basic sql command in MS Access Database or sql server?

basic structure query language command or knowledge or about sql


Basic knowledge of SQL DML statements:

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Definition of sql server, database engine, dbms and how they all work?

At work(I'm new) I have to use sql server 2008 R2 and from there connect to a server. Databases can be seen once opened. I use a client program(company program)which asks you to enter a database and a sql server name and am a bit puzzled.I assume databases...


Absolutely. The above statement is correct. Your client application that connects to a given database...

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How do I access microsoft sql server 2005?

I am starting some tutorials on microsoft sql server 2005 since it came installed on my computer. The question is when I go to all programs : microsoft sql server 2005 I do not see were I can launch it. When I go under microsoft sql server 2005: under...


Look for "SQL Server Management Studio" - this is what you'd typically use to create databases...

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SQL Server database security?

I'm using my computer as a server on a local network and I have sql server 2000 database installed..the problem is when I keep my computer turned on, anyone can access the data in the database..I don't know how to fix this..I don't know how to add login...


Right click on your desktop choose properties then the screensaver tab and check On resume, password...

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Unable to connect to server <SQL Server Instance Name>: Server: Msg 17, Level 16, State 1 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets]SQL Server does not exist or access denied. The message I get when I try to start the server I want to...


Get the Microsoft SQL Server 2010

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