How to import XML into SQL Server database?

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How do I import xml data into a sql server database table in Windows form using c#?

I wanted to display Xml data into the sql server database table. First, I displayed the Xml data using the console application at run time, but now I want to store that XMl data into the database table. How can I do this? Himanshu Negi


Well, your XML is supposed to be a string (or it can easily be converted to). So you can do this: INSERT...

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I got a problem in SQL Server 2005, it is about connection with Database engine?

I have a problem, I am trying to import data from a flat file, I cannot do this if I connect using the 'sa' username it gives me an error that 'Access is denied'... But if I try to do this connecting using 'Windows Authentication' then I am able to import...


From my experience and enviroments I have worked in, both servers must have a common SQL account. This...

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How to export Microsoft SQL Server data to XML using Visual Basic 6?

I want to export the SQL Server data into an XML format using Visual Basic 6. The XML file should be in a particular format so that an external software can import that data into their system


Your other option is to bring the data into an ADODB.Recordset, create an MSXML2.DomDocument object...

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What is a good, free, web-friendly relational database program?

I'm looking for a free (possibly open-source) relational database program that I can use as a data capture, analysis and decision-support tool for a multiplayer online economic and military strategy game (EVE). The basic requirements are : (1) standard...


FOSS RDBMs technologies have come a LONG way since the 80s and 90s. They run a lot of major websites...

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How to do cross-server processing with SQL Server?

Here's the situation - I'm coming from a predominately mainframer background to a new job where I work with SQL Server databases that reside on different servers for different aspects of business (not all of which I have direct access to.) Some of these...


Indeed, you are "mad"... :-) This is a very complex question, that has no answer "here...

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How to create a database for program to use in MySQL?

Hi I'm trying to run a PHP chat bot called Program E. The installation instructions asks me to "Create a database for the program to use in MySQL". I have PHP5, MySQL, Apache2 on Ubuntu 8.10. My question is, how do I actually create a database...


Write mysqladmin in a dos window followed by the database name you want to create C:\>mysqladmin...

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SQL Server 2005 Selective Backup?

I need to do a backup of a database in SQL server 2005. The database is around 70Gig, I need to only backup some of the tables in the database so that I can restore this backup into a testing database. Is there a way to do this. Currently the only option...


Then place those tables into a different filegroup and take backup of that filegroup only... SQL 20...

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Hibernate (Java): How to save xml data into database without Entity classes?

I want to save XML document values into database. I am using Hibernate 3 with SQL Server Database in my application. There are multiple issue: 1. Firstly I am trying to escape from marshaling XML to Java classes. Reason being that these XML can change...


You can represent your XML as CLOB column in the database. All you need to do is use something like...

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Querying the Database

Database Query [+] I started a mySQL database server in hopes of migrating a large database from Access to an SQL server to speed things up, and allow more people access to it. However, my company wants to retain the Access interface. I installed the...


Also, mySQL is the only server running on this box. It does not have Apache or any other web server...

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MySQL dump/import command

I am not interested in a collection of links to sites that offer all sorts of explanations of all the command line switches for doing this (I could find these myself). I want a researcher who knows the answer with confidence to respond to this question...


Hello, I manage a couple forums in MySQL which have different tables & data which need to be backed...

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