How do I delete a folder in my email?

Let’s learn how do I delete a folder in my email. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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If you are using standard Yahoo email, then at the top of the folders section click on [Edit] the next...

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How do I delete an email folder with 5,000 messages in it?

I want to delete an email folder that I used for a listserv. I could not keep up with the messages and now I have 5,000. I know I can only delete an empty folder, but is there any way to delete all those messages without going page by page and deleting...


Highlight all the messages and click delete. Before that, go to settings or options and click into everything...

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How do I delete the Smart Folder as well as the Email from contacts folder in my yahoo mail?

I see no menu it will not let me delete it. I need not this folder.


I just noticed the same thing and chatted to a Yahoo agent about it, here is the script of the chat...

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How do I delete the "deleted files" folder in my email?

When I scroll down to the deleted files folder, it says there are 2 files in it. When I open the folder, it's empty, therefore I can't delete the folder. What's going on here?


That is a problem. Make sure the folder you want to delete is empty. At the top of the folders box,...

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How do I delete a folder from my email messages.?

The person whoes folder I want to delete has died and I will not be putting anything in this folder again that is why I want to delete it.


You must delete the contents in the folder first, then click the name for the folder and when it opens...

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How do you delete a folder/file from Yahoo Email? Its the folder that you put certain emails in?

You know how you creat certain folders for certain emails and stuff but how do you delete them when you dont want them anymore?


Classic Mail In the folder panel, above the inbox are the links--{add--edit}. Click edit and a page...

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How can I delete (not empty) an unwanted particular/created Yahoo! email folder from my email account?

Long ago I created a named email sub-folder under my main account and now I want to get rid of it but cant find a way to do so.


Okay, here are the steps: 1. Go up to the tab that says mail 2. Go down to the link that says folders...

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On my yahoo email i am wondering how to delete a folder i created??

I really need to delete a folder that you create to put certain emails in certain folders. i am just wondering how do i delete it? i've tried right clicking on it and everything but i just can't seem to get it.


Hey.. I saw ur ?. I think i could help u with that.. I am not sure if u r talking about the folders...

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How to delete pictures from my email folder ? it only gives an option to "save to computer"?

In the "picture " folder on my yahoo email page it only gives options to save the pics to my computer. I just want to delete them. How do i get this done


im not sure

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How to delete email not assigned to a folder?

i have about 300 not assigned to a folder, i want to delete those emails. i do not want to go 1 by 1 to delete


Open the folder and you only have to mark the little square on top of the list left from the trash can...

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