How do i delete a yahoo email?

Let’s learn how do i delete a yahoo email. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I delete my primary yahoo email if it's too full for me to use?

My primary email account was the first email account I've ever created. Now I have two more emails: an alternate email for yahoo and an email account for My primary yahoo email account is full of spam in both folders everytime I check it...


It appears that the question period has expired. If you have received an answer that meets your needs...

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How do I delete an old email address and use a new email on yahoo groups?

I signed up for my yahoo groups using my old yahoo email, now I have a new yahoo email but the yahoo system will not let me add my new email address and I can't delete my old one first because then I will lose all my yahoo groups. I cannot figure this...


request access to all the same groups again. Once they are set up delete the old one

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How do I delete just my Yahoo email box, I want to keep everything else?

A long long time ago I deactivated my Yahoo email since I hated (and still hate) the format and layout of Yahoo Mail. I like everything else on Yahoo but not the email. I use Hotmail because it was the first email provider I signed up with. Anyway the...


The Yahoo email is part of the entire Yahoo package, the messenger, flicker, answers, etc. If you don...

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How do I delete a yahoo email account that has been deactivated?

I have created a new yahoo email account. The old yahoo email address still shows as my primary email account, and my new one as my secondary email account. Also, I created a new facebook account. Now, when my friends and family import their email contacts...


Deactivating your account merely means it is temporarily hidden so people can't send you emails etc...

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Accounts will close automatically if you wait. They close after 6 months plus 2 months for each year...

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How do I delete bad email addresses in yahoo email?

I sent an email to my entire email address book. I got alot returned b/c they are not current or good email addresses anymore. I can not figure out how to delete the bad email addresses from my yahoo email address/contact book.


Click on CONTACTS...once in each the right...has an EDIT on that and you have...

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How do I delete a person in my, “Online Contacts”, of yahoo email that isn’t in my contacts list?

I’ve read a LOT of questions and answers to this problem and TOO OFTEN people say things that are NOT an answer to their question so please READ. I use yahoo mail, NOT MESSENGER. In yahoo mail there is, nevertheless, an, “Online Contacts...


What has worked for me is to open the chat window when it appears as if you were going to read or reply...

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How can I delete some photos in my photo section.There is no "Delete" in Yahoo photos,in my email section.

I have a lot of pictures in my email photo section.There is no "Delete" by the photos,how can I delete some pictures. I appreciate the Help that someone gives me,to delete some pictures. I read, that Yahoo will stop storing photos in the near...


Right click on the photo, scroll down till you see delete, and click it...

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How do I delete my Yahoo Personals profile without deleting my entire Yahoo id and email?

I want to delete the yahoo personal profile I recently created, without deleting my entire yahoo email. I am very frustrated because I have found this question on Yahoo answers and followed the instruction in the answers, but there is NO delete profile...


Sign in to Yahoo! Personals, click "Edit Profile" or "My Profile". The next page...

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How do i delete my account and retrieve my regular yahoo email account?

How do i prevent my att .net email account from overriding my regular yahoo email? I have yahoo as my homepage,and it used to open my yahoo mail. All of a sudden, for some unknown reason, now my mail is automatically logged onto att yahoo mail (which...


Make Yahoo Default Email. Click on this addy.… then...

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