How do I get Yahoo Messenger to sign out automatically?

Let’s learn how do I get Yahoo Messenger to sign out automatically. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I get Yahoo Messenger to accept my sign in?

I have had Yahoo Messenger installed. It worked one time. The next time it would'nt accept my sign in. I had it reinstalled twice and it still won't accept. What am I doing wrong? I keep getting the window telling me "Sorry we cannot connect you to Messenger"


It might be possible that you have a firewall not letting Yahoo! Messenger access the Internet, but...

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Automatic Sign In: How do I not get automatically signed into the yahoo messenger after I restart my computer?

I do not want to be automatically signed in tothe yahoo messenger after restarting my computer, how can I shut this feature off?


go up to messenger-sign out, then you see the sign out window and there are 3 boxes remember my name...

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How can i get my yahoo messenger to not sign in automatically when i turn on my laptop?

i don't want my yahoo messenger to even pop up when i first turn on my laptop. i want to be able to just click on it when i want to use it, not it pop up automatically.


Go to settings

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How do I get yahoo messenger not to automatically sign in when I turn on my computer?

We have XP, and when my wife signs on her account, yahoo messenger automatically pops up. She doesn't want this to happen. What settings do I have to change, and where can I find them?


When the messenger opens, left-click on messenger, scroll down to Preferences...Click on 'general' and...

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When I try to sign onto Yahoo Messenger 9 on my laptop (Windows Vista), I get Error 81003004. How do I fix?

I have had Yahoo Messenger 8 on my laptop, which uses Windows Vista, for several months now. Only a few days ago has my Messenger stopped working. I have emailed Yahoo tech support a couple of times and followed their directions, and have downloaded...


Here's a link to a forum that might help....…

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How Can I get the sign in icon and/or the yahoo tool bar to spee up the sign in process for yahoo messenger?

I would like to get the yahoo messenger icon on the tool bar to speed up the sign in process for yahoo messenger. How do I do this?


To speed up messenger have it open when you come on line.In messenger click on messenger name,click...

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How can i get my former yahoo messenger back ?yahoo wouldnt let me sign in, had to get new one,?

yahoo messenger kept telling me my messenger name was wronge !"zippauzzie" wouldnt except it ! not so !!its one i always used,same pass word also !! had to change it,! now i cant get my messages ! even now ,i changed to a new yahoo messenger...


im having the same dang problem and its frustrating as hell!!! is it the 8.1 one?

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I get automatically signed out, the next minute i sign in yahoo messenger.?

hi i m facing this problem against my id since yesterday. whenever i sign in yahoo messenger using my id, i get signed out the next minute, i get sign in successfully. i tried different id's n they work well. i tried with other computers against my id...


I hope the fix the issue really soon!! It is getting pretty annoying actually!! Granted I do have a...

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PLEASE HELP!How do I get the Yahoo Messenger sign in page to stop popping up every time I get on my computer?

So, i got Yahoo Messenger so that i could talk to one of my friends (that doesn't have a myspace) over the internet. Okay, so i log onto my account on the laptop that i share with my sister and every time, the Yahoo Messenger sign in page pops up. IDK...


Click on messenger top left in the window, scroll down, click preferences then click general, untick...

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Has anyone elses yahoo messenger logged them off automatically at sign in before you even get started?

does youre computer automatically shut your yahoo messenger off as soon as youre logged in or try to send an i.m? if so how do you fix this? i cant get in touch with anyone at yahoo more


No sorry my cp has never did that to me so really dont know you should go to a cp store if you have...

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