How do I hook up a second car battery?

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How to hook up extra car audio battery?

Right now my system is trying to pull way to much power then there is. So there for i bought a extra battery kinetik 600. My problem is how do i hook it up? Can i just run the positive from the main battery to my new battery and then to my amp and just ground the negative or do i really have to go out and buy more wire and run it from the negative to the negative to the battery in my trunk? please help 10 points!!!!


No don't match the positive and negative. I think they hook up Pos - Neg; Neg - Pos ^Primary^ ^Secondary...

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How do i hook up my system to a second battery instead of my car battery?

i just bought a secondary battery for my system (2 12s, 500 watt amp, cap, 4 speakers, 600 watt amp, headunit). i see the wire that is connected to the positive side of the battery but im not sure what goes to the negative side. is it the ground? any...


There are 2 ways to increase the battery capacity to meet up with the additional electricity needed...

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How do i hook up a second battery in my car?

i want to hook up a kinetik khc2400 to my car in the trunk for my audio... howdo i go about doing this and when i do this which battery do i hook my amps to


put the battery where you need it ( im guessing your trunk?) and wire it parallel to the one under your...

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How do Hook up Car Audio equipment with NO car, only car battery, amp, sub, aux-component from phone, no head?

I have these things. Car Battery Pioneer Amp(Ground wire, power Wire(Car battery hookup(FUZE)) Sony X Power 10" SUB(and Speaker wire) Male Audio Component Cable Linked to AUX(hook up to my Droid) Basically, i have those things.. ive hooked up everything...


Ya. U need an in line converter to convert to audio from your aux into what the amp reads. But even...

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How to hook up a car battery charger?

hook up battery charger to car battery while the battery is still hooked up to the car


put the red wire on the POS battery and the black on the NEG part of the Battery plug the charger into...

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How do you hook led light wires to your car battery?

I bought wipers that light up but I don't know how to hook them up to my car battery. I know the red wire goes to the + and the black - but how do I physically hook them up?


Either to the fuse box or the wiper engine or the battery itself. You don't say what kind of car it...

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How do I hook up my amp to a 12 volt car battery charger?

Is there a way to hook up my amp to a 12 volt car battery charger?


It will probably draw more amps than the charger puts out, a normal charger puts out 2 amps on slow...

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I have 3 amps in my car how do I hook up another battery ???

I also have a 3 farad Cap, and my alternator is semi new about 3 months now. I have everything hooked up but my night driving lights still die down when the bass note hits, my interior dash lights & just about anything that has lights go way dim...


i did axactly what your trying to do and i really wouldnt reccomend it unless you have a custom alternator...

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How can i use my car booster battery pack thing to hook up a lamp?

power is out and i have one of them car booster pack things and it stores alot of power, theres a lighter output thing on that i want to use but can i use a regular lamp to hook up to it by cutting the wires and puttin it to a lighter poer output thing...


If you have an AC inverter you can use it. You will plug it into the battery booster's cigarette lighter...

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How do you hook up a resister to a car battery to charge a car audio capacitor?

im clueless on how to do this. if someone with the knowledge can guide me through this step by step it would be greatly appreciated!


Easy, if you insist on having the capacitor there for garnish (looks), hook the system up but leave...

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