How do I make audio clearer in my videos?

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How do people make the audio clear in their YouTube videos?

when people record themselves singing, how do they get the audio so clear? like do they record the audio and video separately and sync them together or do they use a sound board?


yes some people record the video with them talking (first) and then they record what they said into...

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My computer will only play audio from my camera for videos. How can i make it work?

i have a brand new Lenovo windows 7 laptop and a GE A950 camera. when i try to play the videos on my laptop from my camera it only plays the audio, no video.


the camera records in APPLE QUICKTIME. you just need to download and install apples quicktime player...

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How to Convience my mom to let me make YouTube videos?

I actually already make YouTube videos... My mom and stepdad have been taking my younger sister to softball for the past month or so. But her softball season is almost over. And I make YouTube videos when my parents aren't home. Because softball season...


I dont think your mom would care just keep making them and if she says she doesnt want you to well theres...

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How do people make money on YouTube? besides puttung up videos where does the money come from?

I know there is no quick making money fix out there, no matter what it all takes time and commitment to make money. My question is how do they make money putting up videos on YouTube? I know all that post videos in YouTube make money but there are plenty...


Google Adsense - its a service provided by google where you can add advertisements to your videos, and...

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How do i ask my parents to make youtube videos?

Who here has a youtube account and makes videos. Cuz I don't make videos but i have an account. I know it sounds weird. But I want to make videos, i just don't know if my parents would let me. They only let me get a youtube account so i could respond...


You can start with asking for the privilege to upload videos that do not reveal who you are. So... maybe...

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How to make successful YouTube videos?

I'm going to be making YouTube videos on hedgehog care. Almost all of the videos on YouTube about hedgehogs are wrong/dangerous, so I'm going to make proper ones. I want the videos to get around and be well seen, so that people get the proper information...


It sounds like you have the right approach don't for making quality videos so I won't really address...

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How can I make my youtube videos have proper related videos or be related to from viral videos?

The videos I upload , even thouh I tag them ,describe and name accordingly, don't have the proper related videos. Meaning, let's say I upload a video about.. WoW, and I get related videos such as different TV shows trailers and so on. What can I do?


The videos suggested after your video shouldn't matter to you unless you want people to stay on your...

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How do you make one full video out of seperate videos, and videos from youtube on picasa 3?

Im trying to make my friend a video for her bday of videos from her friends saying happy bday, and a couple of funny videos from youtube. I need to know how to make a video with all of those seperate videos on picasa 3, or if thats not possible how to...


yeah sorta is this what you mean?…

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How to make videos???

i downloaded some youtube videos but it wont allow me to make my own videos i wanted to use some of the videos to make my own but when i try to make it it just shuts down, is there a way i can download youtube videos and use the videos in my movie maker...


Certain editing software allows you to only edit files that pertain to that specific program. Find out...

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How do you make HQ/HD videos on Sony Vegas?

I looked for videos on YouTube but the only videos i find are videos to upload on Youtube? If it possible to make your videos in HQ and SAVE IT AS A FILE to be presented on a projector (not youtube)? If so would anyone please tell me how? Another thing...


Well first, you need to start with a high-definition source. You set your project settings for whatever...

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