How do I make video footage clearer?

Let’s learn how do I make video footage clearer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Quora.

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While taking the footage (to the extent you have control): steady camera, plenty of light that's distributed...

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How can I make a video using photos and moving footage?

Just got back from Las Vegas. 5 of us travelled and we all had digital cameras and digital video cameras. I'm looking to make a video including all of the photos and all of the video footage. I also want to use both background music and sound from the...


Unfortunately not. Windows movie maker is probably one the most basic media producers, since it is free...

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How to make a video containing footage from a TV show? YouTube?

I've seen several YouTube videos people have made that have clips from tv shows, with a song playing in a background, how do they get the footage to put in the video? Like how do more


they usually have to record the clip themselves or they download the video over the internet and add...

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How do you get footage of stuff to make a a video of it?

for example: how do you get that footage?


Take several videos, drag them into windows movie maker and edit them to make a movie/video.

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How can you make home video footage look more ... cinematic ?

I'd like something I video taped at home to look more like this >>… [ a video filmed by a person, not a production crew or anything.] rather than ... something like this >>


Try, they have great tips, tricks and everything you need to any kind of videography...

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How do I make an animated GIF from video footage?

I would like to make an animated gif using content from a video on youtube, can anyone help me out?


How To Convert A Movie Into An Animated GIF Using Windows Movie Maker:

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How can you make new video footage look really old?

As shown here:… Is there a video editing program for it?


You could put the video into Windows Movie Maker & add the effect. Can't remember what the name...

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How do you make video footage from your laptop play on your regular television?

I'm just wondering what I need to be able to see video played from my laptop computer onto my television screen.


Hdmi cable youl get it at you local hardware store. Most tvs these days have em . If an older model...

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How do I make dark scene video footage look better?

Ok, so I want to film this thing, but whenever I do anything that has a little light in it, it looks like poop. Basically I want to know how to fix this in my editor, I have Sony Vegas pro 9 and Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 I been thinking about blurring...


A good hint is to shoot the scene with more light than you want, make sure the camera can get a good...

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What type of camera adaptor would you use to make video footage look like film?

In this "making of" interview with Monsters director Gareth Edwards, he describes (starting at around 10:55) how they stuck an adaptor on the front of their video camera to make the footage look like it was shot on 35mm. http://www.makingof...


The impressive Mr. Edwards used the Panasonic HVX200 camcorder. This is a good camera,with 3xCCD sensors...

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