How do I make digital collages?

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Photovisi Photo Collage | Free Online Photo Collage Maker ...

The easiest to use photo collage maker! ... Create photo collages with ease. Photovisi is a free and easy to use photo collage maker. Start Creating ...

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Do you make collages? How do you arrange your collage?

I love making collages, and I usually do it by colours or by a certain theme. I love making fashion themed collages.


I cut out nice pictures in magazines and put them on paper till it looks cool.

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What are the best ways to make digital collages when given a set of source images?

The original photo The digital collage Simon Brown made this collage of Brian Fey. How long does it take? What tools are used etc? Does anyone have tips for making images like this when supplied with a number of source images?


A2A I used a program called Corel Painter-12 that I am just learning to use to do this type of work...

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How do people make seamless collages on Polyvore?

You know how people make those collages on Polyvore that look like photographs? I really want to do that, except whenever I import an image the editor cuts out part of the picture, and it ends up looking anything BUT seamless. Ugh!


click on your image you've dragged onto your new set; above it is a toolbar, click on the icon with...

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How do you make your own digital collages?

used for glass tile pendants


Try at a online digital scrapbooking, collage, card making site.

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How do you make these collages?!?

i want to make a collage like these too.. can you tell me i site or anything and tell me how to make them....……


Create a photo mosaic from your digital photographs with a Flickr tool:

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How do big named companies make Photo Collages/Birth Announcements?

I would like to know what software those big photo greeting card companies use to make their announcements. ie tiny prints. I have seen several smaller companies that have similar designs and I would love to know what they use and how they do it


The large companies have templates set up to drop photos into when they are ordered. These templates...

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How to make gif collages for Instagram on android? PLEASE HELP?

I've looked everywhere, and I can't find an answer anywhere. All I want to do is make a gif collage. I've watched a lot of video tutorials on youtube for apple products, more


check the App Store to see if the app, "PicPlayPost" is there. it allows you to put...

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How to make sportphotos collages with 3-5images?

I want to shoot action photos and put them in a collage. I have adobe 7 I'm still learning the program can somebody show me the steps on how to do this thank you.


Hey, try reposting your question in the Do It Yourself section. I think you may get more help there.

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I need ideas for collages i have to make?

I have to make 4 collages for my english class. The collages have to be for the next 5 years (right now i'm 18 and a senior in high school), age 30, age 50, and age 75. I need ideas of what to put on each different collage please! :D


At 30 I had finished college and was getting going in my career and starting a family. First house,...

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