How do I make my VCR/DVD work with my TiVo?

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How do I make my VCR/DVD work with my TiVo, TV, and digital cable?

I have an Olevia HD television, a TiVo HD system, an APEX VCR/DVD player, and a generic sound system that hooks up through the VCR/DVD player. I have digital cable through two single stream CableCARDs in my TiVo. HERE'S THE DILEMMA: Before we upgraded to digital cable and put the CableCARDs into the TiVo all we had to do to play a video/DVD was put the TV on channel 3 and turn on the player--the TiVo didn't affect it at all. However, now that we have digital cable, we cannot figure out how to make...


My recommendation is to call your cable company. It's a little difficult to try to visualize what the...

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Will these work with TiVo DVR? To make it wireless?

Will these make my TiVo wireless (I currently use a phone jack)? Will they work or do I have to use the $50 one from TiVo?…


You can get the Tivo brand adapter for $39 shipped at Trying to get another brand to to work...

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Is there a way to make Dish Network work with TiVo Premiere?

I have Dish Network and want to get TiVo Premiere. I don't want the DVR that is provided by Dish Network. I have been told that this TiVo isn't compatible with Dish Network. I was just wondering if there is a way around this. Maybe a firmware or even...


No. The Tivo Premiere requires cable cards in order to work and satellite doesn't use cable cards. The...

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Can I make my series 2 TiVo work with my Linksys Wireless G network adapter?

I have a Linksys wireless G network adapter and would like to use it to connect my TiVo series 2 to my home network. About two years ago when I first purchased this tivo i used the more


As long as the TiVos have an ethernet jack, you can also use powerline instead of wireless. The TiVos...

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Is there a way to make a Tivo series 3 work as a standard DVR w/o the subscription?

I really have no need for the subscription service and do not want to rent an overpriced DVR from Time Warner. I would love to purchase my own, but have so far been unable to locate a DVR with 1-2 tuners, that will support cable card. So my questions...


Hi kerianhal, A TiVo series must have a subscription to work. My favorite DVR that requires no subscription...

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Is a TiVO service plan required to make it work?

Right now, I have Dish Network with a dual Tuner DVR box. My hih-speed internt provider offers basic (non-digital) cable TV for an extra $20. If I get a Tivo box: 1. Do I have to more


Yep, as the others have mentioned, you must pay for the monthly, prepaid, or lifetime plan with TiVo...

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Is there no way to get Tivo to work with a Cable box?

Does Tivo removing the IR output from series 3 machines upwards leave us screwed to use a cable box? Is there any way for a series 3/4 Tivo to control a digital cable box, and if not, what are our options? Ok, so this may be complicated and need some...


c: Our conclusion from this is that without a cable card, there is no method for getting a Tivo HD to...

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What TiVo subscription should I get?

I am strongly considering getting TiVo (particularly an HD-DVR), and I cannot decide which subscription to purchase, so I was hoping that maybe someone with experience or knowledge on the situation could help me weigh my options... I have almost removed...


Go for Product Lifetime. The most common TiVo failures are the HDD and power supply, which are pretty...

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Can a TIVO record live TV? TIVO vs. Satellite?

We now have a Dish Network DVR, which I ABSOLUTELY love because it is so... easy to "pause" live TV and rewind live TV if you missed something. I also love how easy it is to record with the DVR. We are getting to ready to move, and I'm reviewing...


Yes Tivo works like your DVR and more. Tivo is the company that basically started the record or rewind...

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My Tivo isn't working. Any help?

My Tivo isn't working. It is stuck on the "Welcome. Powering up..." slide when you restart the whole thing. It goes through my vonage, with a little adapter that connects to the tivo. our internet has been down a couple times this week because...


Your problem doesn't have anything to do with Vonage. The most common cause of this problem is failure...

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