How do I recover my favorites list?

Let’s learn how do I recover my favorites list. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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System crashes in Windows operating systems often have repercussions on built-in programs and settings...

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How to recover favorites list?

Now changed to Windows 7. How to install or retrieve favorites bar?


The Yahoo Bookmarks can now be found exclusively through Yahoo Toolbar. Any current bookmarks will remain...

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Click the green cog wheel on yahoo toolbar at the right hand side, then edit your apps, yahoo favourites...

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Your Favorites is the little yellow star. To put it back at the top of the toolbar, click Tools and...

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The list of my favorites sites disappeared and I cannot add sites to it neither.?

All of a sudden my favorites sites disappeared and I need to recover them. I have look in the Yahoo page and could not find a substitute for this useful feature. I need to restore my list of favorites sites and I do not know how to do it.


i think you had erase your history and favorite page accidentally.

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I lost mylist of favorites after upgrading internet format. How do I get the favoites back?

Internet explorere offered a free upgrade to a "cleaner" format. The new format set google as my default screen, which I delected and returned to yahoo for a home. But my "favorites" list disappeared, too. All I have is a google ...


Have you tried importing from your bookmark column

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On the tool bar (add favorites) how can I make saved favorites go to list on left "favorites" not toolbar?

.Whwn I add favorites they remain on the toolbar instead of going into the hidden list of favorites as they used to.??? I do not like or want this feature or toolbar option.?????


Don't use the star with the green arrow. That saves the bookmarks in the horizontal row. This feature...

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I.E.'s Favorites" Re-arranged my favorite list in alphabeticle order? Why?

I did not change anything. I just used my "Favorites" links at the top of the page in Internet explorer. Then awhile later I notice Somehow it took the liberty of re-arranging all my favorites in alphabeticle order. I had my favorites listed...


Because you asked it to! When you ask your Favorites to "organize," they ALPHABETIZE...

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Pick your favorites and least favorites from my names list (girls)?!?

Pick your TOP 5 favorites and TOP 5 LEAST favorites from my list and then say why/why you don't like them :) Thanks, I will choose best answer for most detailed/helpful! Alexia Analeigh Aria Ashton Aspen Aubree Audriana Audrey Ava Berkleigh/Berklee Brooklyn...


Top 5: Alexia - I love this name because of the nickname Lexi...super cute! ♥ Aria - It's pretty...

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Why does my Yahoo Favorites list keep reverting back to the default list of Yahoo sites?

I sign in and check off the box to keep me signed in for 2 weeks ...and after visiting a couple of sites, I go back to the Home Page to find that my list of favorites is gone and the default list is back. What's up with that? I never sign out, yet my...


   It's most likely a browser security setting. If your browser is set to not keep cookies...

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