How do I transfer my "favorites" list to a new computer?

Let’s learn how do I transfer my "favorites" list to a new computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I transfer my "Favorites" list to a new computer?

I am getting a new computer, but hate to start all over accumulating all those favorite web sites that has taken me four years to compile. How can I get those favorites on the new computer without doing them one at a time? I have over 100 favorite sites stored in a variety of folders. Any help out there?


If you are using the same internet service and email then they will be there when you open them up on...

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(Since I use Firefox exclusively, the terms may be sightly different, but the procedure is the same...

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Does anybody know how to transfer a Favorites list from one computer to another, if it is possible?

I have several computers in my house. One that I use a lot and all my stuff is there but sometimes I have to use another computer on which I do not have my "Favorites" list more


Under C: Documents and Settings there is a folder called "Favorites" which has all the bookmarks...

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You didn't mention what is your favorite list means softwares, music, games or what. Now what ever it...

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Is it possible to transfer your favorites from the favorites center to the favorites centr of nother computer?

I was wondering if you can do a direct transfer of your favorite links that are saved in the favorite center to the center of a new computer? I don't like the idea of having to them one by one, adding one after another. I woulD appreciate any help, thank...


The traditional approach is to export your IE favorites to a file, transfer the file to a removable...

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What are the steps to transfer the user accounts, favorites, etc. from one computer to a different computer?

I just bought a new computer. How do I transfer my old computer's user profiles, web page favorites, etc. to the new computer? I'm assuming I'll need to save it onto a disk, but I'm not sure how. Thanks :D


Boot up with the new disk (check your bios so you are starting from CD/DVD), press any key to boot from...

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On my computer, when I pull up MY Yahoo it has a button --Favorites. Can I get to that list on any computer?

I log onto my wife's computer at home and would like to have access to my favorites list which I keep on my computer at the office. I was wondering if there was a way to access more


You can either: - copy/paste your favorites to a floppy disk/CD or - send your favorites directly to...

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How do I transfer Favorites from old computer to new one?

I recently reinstalled Verizon Yahoo on a new computer and have lost all of my Favorites. Is there a way to transfer them from my old computer to my new one? I have over a hundred more


files and settings transfer wizard

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How do you save your favorites list in case your computer crashes?

I have never gotten an answer to this question. My computer is old and would like to be able to get to my yahoo favorites list if my computer crashes. Thanks.


Very, very simple: Download "Xmarks here;… Once...

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How can I transfer from my old computer to a new one the items in 'my favorites'?

old computer was vista, new one is #7, can I move my drop down 'favorites sites' list to my new toolbar?


get a wireless computer

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