How do I register a business name in the UK?

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UK Do I have to "register" a business name to do business under a name?

I'm in London UK and I'm working for as an independent consultant for some businesses in the UK and Overseas (non EU). Currently I'm trading under my given name but I'm wondering if I can just start using a business name instead. just for the appearance...


No. But you might want to register as a limited company so that you have limited liability. It's cheap...

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If you register a business name in the UK do you need to lodge a tax return?

I want to register a business name WITHOUT creating a company/partnership/soletradership that is required to lodge a tax return each year. I understand the business name registrar was abolished some 20 years does this mean the only way to register...


Why do you want to register the name? As someone else answered unless you have a registered company...

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You don't. You just pick a name for your business "Fred Bloggs Builders" and away you go....

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How can i register a business name in the UK?

I do not have much money, so i hope it does not cost much


You don't have to register business names in the UK. (Registrar of business names abolished twenty odd...

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Is it ok to register a non-unique business name present in different countries?

I just registered a domain name "" for a company I plan to start. In my search for conflicts, I missed an existing domain "" with only one spelling variation but sounds the same to the domain I registered for...


Interesting question. They would not sound the same to me. We have a major brand that is Toys R Us,...

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Can I register a domain name anonymously?

I have always registered my domain names anonymously, however now my registrar is saying that domains must show the legal owner as the registrant. I do not want to use my real name; is is possible to use my 'trading as' business name instead or...


Yes - see…

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UK Citizen Setting up an online business overseas (Australia)?

I am a UK citizen on a 1 year working holiday visa in Australia. I want to start an online business and want to buy from a company in Australia and re-sell onto end users and other businesses within Australia. As I am on the 1 year visa I can get an...


definatley just have the proper paperwork ready and your set to go!

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Do I have to register as a uk business or for VAT if company is from outside of UK?

I'm keen to expand our online business in the UK but the company is based outside of UK or EU country. However, the goods will be store at third party warehouse in the UK. So my question is: 1. Do I need to register as a business? 2. Do I have to register...


No .. theres no business register other than Companies House for local companies so theres no where...

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If i register a fictious business name for trading, can i open a business bank account with that name?

I am thinking of registering a fictious (DBA) business name in the UK. When i apply for a business bank account, will it be possible that the debit card i recieve will have the business name and not my own name?


Yes, mine is. For those who answered incorrectly: Most every business is incorporated in a name other...

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CANADA Personal Tax filing - Register Business Name or Leave Field Blank?

Hi All, A question from a potential business partner, in case there is an accountant here or investor with knowledge on the topic who can answer the question: When NOT operating under a corporation and having office expenses, etc., then under "Statement...


For unincorporated businesses only: If your friend operates under a business name, then that name should...

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