How to check if a business name is registered?

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go to your states website and then to the Secretary of the State section. There, you will be able to...

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Check with the Texas Secretary of State's website:

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Looking US Government website to find registered business names?

Hey all, Does anyone know a website where I can check if a US company exists? I want to buy some products from a website and they claim to be a registered US business. Is there an official site/directory I can go to and see if that company name they...


Business names are registered int he state in which they are organized. Trademarks and servicemarks...

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Can I deposit a check with a different name but same address? (business check)?

I have a business account but the payee made the check out to the product name and not the business name. The address is the same since they mailed the check to me. Can I still deposit the check into my business account even though it has the product...


your bank will probably refuse. you can ask them, of course.

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I registered my new business name with the state, but now i find out there is another with a very similar name?

I have spent many long weeks waiting on my business name to come through the state, had a lawyer and the state run a name search, and it has finally gone through! the only problem i have is that someone has the same exact name in the same field as me...


Legally, he can sue you for using his name and for any money your business brings in using his name...

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You should had to registered you name, not the logo design, as my part you have to reregistered you...

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How do you find out if a business name is already registered?

My parents are planning to start a new business (club/restaurant), and they want to know if the business name that they are thinking of is already being used by some other business in the same industry. How do you find out if a business name is already...


2 places Check with your state's secretary of state's website then, the US Patent & Trademark office...

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When a business name is registered is it protected the same as a Trademark?

Meaning if I register my business with my state, if someone else tries to use the name or trademark the name, will they be allowed to even though I have the name registered as my business name, but not necessarily "trademarked"?


I think most business trademark their name to protect it. I think registering with the state is something...

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If a domain name is already registered but not being actively used (nothing but a message saying it's for sale), can I seize it if I trademark the name for my new business?

I'm not talking about a site that is someone's blog or a business in another industry, I'm talking about a site a domain squatter registered and is looking to sell. Will a trademarked business name allow me to put the domain name to productive use without...


More or less no, you cannot seize the name thru UDRP or a lawsuit. They owned the domain name before...

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