How do I register a quote?

Let’s learn how do I register a quote. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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You might be able to file for protection of a distinctive "slogan" a couple of years in advance...

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If i've registered for a car insurance quote before would it make a difference if i register a 2n?

I've registered before with Admiral and it was £2,375 on my own car, and I tried tonight on my mum's and it was over 3 grand. Do they keep your email address on file and look into this when giving you a quote? Or am i just being paranoid lol?


It makes no difference

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The biggest thing around is not exactly what you are looking for but is worthwhile to look at: http...

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Is there anywhere online that i can go to register a quote?

i love to make quotes... how do i go about copywriting them or making them "officially" mine?


I don't know as if you can register (copyright) a "quote" as such. Quotations are usually...

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Depression is a potentially life-threatening mood disorder that affects 1 in 6, or approximately 17...

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How to register and transfer a car title in Texas?

I want to buy a Jeep that hasn't been registered since 06', it was on a farm in Mexico and I want to drive it back to Texas, I was wondering, I've never bought a car from a private owner so my question is what are the steps to transfer the title on my...


Before you even think of buying the Jeep, get the VIN# and have the DMV or police run an NCIC check...

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Can i register my car in indiana with only my learners permit?

i live in south bend IN i already tried for insurance and they gave me a quote so i figured i could register could anyone help please


No you can register a car without insurance proof When you register a car you need to bring car title...

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What's the name of the new-ish start-up website where you can register yourself as an expert on a topic to be quoted in media?

I can't remember the name of this website.  If I remember correctly, it's a kinda new and really cool website where you can somehow register yourself as an expert in a field or topic, commonly used to brand yourself or a company. Journalists and bloggers...


It sounds to me like you may be thinking of Help a Reporter Out (HARO). They aren't exactly new, but...

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