How do I set the first and last frame of a video to be an image?

Let’s learn how do I set the first and last frame of a video to be an image. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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ffmpeg - How do I set the first and last frame of a video ...

... the image specified by the placeholder attribute will be shown until the user clicks play on the video. In chrome, ...

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Windows uses the first frame of a video for its thumbnail. Can you change this?

Unfortunately this results many times in a completely black thumbnail. Is there a way to set it to display, say, a frame a third or halfway in? Ubuntu linux does this for its video thumbnails and I feel this gives a better impression of its contents.


This is an interesting question, and unfortunately I don't know the answer. I searched through the registry...

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How do I add a static image to all frames of a video using GAP?

Hello everybody! I want to add a logo image to a video, and Windows Movie Maker doesn't seem to have the functionality, so I refrain to using GIMP GAP. After doing a Google search, I decided that using the Video/Move Path function should do the job....


You can add a logo with the Vista version of Movie Maker. What version of Movie Maker do you have? You...

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Youtube video goes twice as fast. Audio is just fine. How do you slow down the video speed?

First of all, I'm on a Macintosh, so *insert Windows Program* won't work. For making the videos, I use Snapz Pro X, settings: 24 Frames per second Video: h.264 Audio: IMA 4:1, 44.100 kHz, stereo, 16 bit I then use Quicktime for editing it. Very first...


This is really a question for youtube's support. I can't think of why that would be happening to your...

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Every video DVD I burn has audio/video glitches.

I cannot, for the life of me, burn a DVD on my MacPro of an 8.5 minute video without 2-4 video/audio glitches. Details of everything I've tried within. I have an 8:40 QuickTime video exported from a slideshow application that I'm trying to burn to DVD...


Me again...A few additional thoughts, after re-reading what you mentioned about using Toast to encode...

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How Can I set an Imges in Java and DB?

import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*; import static javax.swing.JOptionPane.*; public class CheckVideos extends JFrame// This is the main method which allowing us to use the features of the class Check Videos as this is it...


What exactly is your question? Imges? Do you mean images? And set it where? What database? There is...

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I want all of my video thumbnails to actually show what the video is about

How can I change video thumbnails in Vista? By default Windows displays the first frame as the video thumbnail, but this is useless if the first frame is black or any other non-descript image. I've scoured Google for a solution to this problem to no...


By default Windows displays the first frame as the video thumbnailActually, I believe it doesn't - by...

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Still Frame + Music = Video

I regularly want to make videos for YouTube consisting of a single still album art image + audio track. I use OS X. I'm still looking for the best solution for this seemingly trivial task. My "best-so-far" solution is using ffmpeg as follows...


I wonder if this is due to motion estimation? This suggests -g 0 for disabling that feature.

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Does anyone offer a "YouTube Video Still Frames Capture as a Service" API?

I know I can get YouTube's own thumbnail, but the service I'm hoping to find would work something like this: 1. I do an API call, with a YouTube URL/ID or direct YouTube video URL as the input. 2. The service captures a few stills from different points...


This question is answered here: Possible to capture still frames from a Youtube video? in short (1)...

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