How do I set a Gtk.StatusIcon as Text?

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python - How do I set a Gtk.StatusIcon as Text - Stack ...

I'd like to create a Gtk.StatusIcon with custom text. Ideally I'd like to append this to an existing image, but text-only is ok, too. How can I achieve this? I've ...

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Microsoft Excel: Chk the text string in particular cell, compare it with a super set column and get the full from of the text string from another corresponsing column and the output will be corresponsing full form of the chked text string?

I have a set of text strings in one column, and a super set of those text strings in adjacent column and full form of the super set text string in the next column.


The question as-is is tough to understand. But i'll try to answer on the basis of what I understand...

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Can a ringtone on an iPhone be set as a text tone? It's in the ringtos but I can't get it in my text tones.?

The one I have is set on iTunes under the ringtones but I want it set as a text tone and I can't figure out where on iTunes or the iPhone to set it as a text tone.


just use a FREE site called Ventones to download or make any ringtone you want its the best of all the...

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Given a set of string(of max length 5) and a text you have to find the minimum span within the text where you can find all the strings of the set(in any order)?

eg: if set has:{question answer credit} Text is : Credits make content you care about on Quora more prominent. This prominence can help questions get answered, or get more attention for answers and posts. You'll spend credits to ask someone to answer...


This is text analysis problem , assume u can use best searching algorithm and suitable data structure...

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How to set text(value of variables) on a static text field in multiple rows in MATLAB'S GUI?

when I set a value of a variable let say ' var1' in the field,it is displayed but if I want to display another value of a variable say ' var2' at 2nd row.It doesn't work.It sets the value on 1st row which results in replacing the value of ' var1'.resulting...


I'm not sure if I quite understood, but try to separate your rows with char(10). Meaning that construct...

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Are you able to set a font on your cell phone for everytime you text?

i have a chocolate cell phone (verizon) it's the 2nd edition of the chocolate. Everytime i text someone, i like to change the format text to italic. Is there any way to keep the setting to that everytime i text, for i dont have to keep going back to...


check you text setting or options , their may be a place you can change your font.

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I set up a personal seal for Yahoo, using a text and a picture. The picture is shown but not the text. Why?

I am asking about the anti-Phishing Yahoo seal. Why does the picture seal show on the login box and not the text seal?


I think you can only have one or the other, not both at the same time.

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Yahoo E-mail will not let me send Photos and text in the same message. My seting are set to photos and graphi

If I select Photos and graphics I can only send photos as attachments a red X in a box shows up in the text field. If I select text I can only send text.


Attachments and PhotoMail. = First, install Photomail. The system requirements are: PC with Windows...

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SMS Marketing: How can you set up a phone number that users can send a text to, which will return a way to get an app?

I recently saw an add that required a special reader. It had a message that instructed the user to send a text code to a number to get the app. It said something along the lines of, "Scan to see a special feature. For a free reader, text (phrase...


If you do, check out Get more app downloads with one smarter, shorter, single link, as they'll create...

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How do I set a a saved audio attachment from a text to an alert tone on my droid incredible?

I recieved a text message with an audio attachment, I saved it, now I can't figure out how to set it as an alert tone for when I get a text.


You have to move the audio attachment into the "sounds" folder and then you are able to set...

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