How do I transfer Mini DV tape onto a disc?

Let’s learn how do I transfer Mini DV tape onto a disc. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to transfer video from mini dv tape format to dvd disc?

i have a sony camcorder and it uses dv tape but want to burn to dvd and store how do i do this, not a boffin so need a easy method if there is such a thing


search in google, may it can help you.

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How do you transfer the contents of a Mini-DV tape to a VHS tape?

Without spending the approximately $800 to buy a Mini-DV/VHS combo VCR player, is there any other way I can transfer video on a Mini-DV tape to a blank VHS tape? Thanks for your help.


Yes there is a way to transfer video from Mini-DV to VHS. First, attach the A/V cable (comes with most...

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Is there a way to transfer a mini dv tape to my computer, if I don't have a video camera.?

Is there something I can put my maxwell mini dv tape in, that has a cord where i can plug the cord into my computer and transfer the video recordings i have on the tape to my computer? If you answer Thank You!!


Yes. It's called a tape deck/tape recorder. The only problem is that these are usually a lot more expensive...

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Does dv tape record at the same speed as mini disc?

I am recording an amateur film on DV tape on a camcorder, but will be recording the audio onto mini disc through an external mic (obviously), I am hoping they will record at the same speed so lip sync will be ok. Does anyone know if they will? Please...


they will if they are played at normal playback speeds...but since you do not explain how you will link...

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How to transfer videos from a mini dv tape camcorder to a computer?

i have a sony mini dv handycam that uses tape's (model DCR-HC20) and i have videos that i need to transfer to my computer but i dont know how and i only have the usb cable someone please help.


Your USB cable to the camcorder is JUNK. It will not transfer audio and video. Just one or the other...

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How do i transfer from mini dv tape to computer?

I have a handycam DCR-HC32 its old and dont have the software, even downloaded the software and it doesent work. im thinking ether the base is broke (which idk why since its still charging the camcorder) but when i plug from base to usb its not comming...


You need a firewire connection and your computer needs a firewire port. Firewire is not standard on...

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How do I transfer video from the Mini DV Tape to computer?

I have a mini DV tape, which contains video I took. How do I transfer it to computer for editing? I need to know what is the machine call...??? Thanks.


Here's a helpful guide:…

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How do you transfer video from a Mini-DV tape to windows 7?

Hello, I have a Panasonic PV-GS39 and I am trying to use it to import DV tapes into my video library on windows 7. The computer recognizes the camera to a point, as a webcam, but all of the drivers (including the driver required to transfer) have been...


You might be able to use a USB connection but usually DV cameras use firewire. Windows live Movie Maker...

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How to transfer footage from Mini DV Tape to Mac Through Canon Vixia HV40?

I'm trying to transfer video from my Canon Vixia HV40 to my Mac Book Pro. I've been able to transfer it easily before on other cameras but for some reason it isn't working for this camera. I am using Final Cut Pro as the editing software and I am filming...


Minidv camcorders require a firewire connection. Your mac book needs a firewire card. Your camcorder...

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How do I transfer my video footage on a Mini DV tape to my computer for editing.?

I just bought a ZR 850 from Canon. The software that it came with doesnt allow to transfer the video into the computer, It is for still images only. Is there any other way to tranfer the tape footage to the computer without additional software.


Depending on the features available in your camcorder model, here are a few things that you can do to...

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