How do I burn my iMovie project onto a disc?

Let’s learn how do I burn my iMovie project onto a disc. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How do I burn an iMovie project to disk? | Apple Support ...

How do I burn an iMovie project to disk? ... then iMovie'08 or 09 or 11 are not the tool of choise when doing a DVD due to that they discard every second line ...

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How to Burn an iMovie Project to a Blank CD Disc WITHOUT iDVD?

I created a movie on iMovie, which I bought, and I don't have iDVD. My movie is 10 minutes long and it wont let me burn it. Every time I try there is always a problem. This is for a project that is due in 2 days! HELP!


You can't burn that disc without iDVD.. Sorry about that... Good luck!

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Help me burn an IDVD movie to a disc (Mac Users) Please Help!?

I have spent days working on a video on iMovie and now I am ready to burn it onto a disc. For some reason it isn't letting me share it to anything. It won't let me export it into my files, Itunes, using Quicktime player, or anything else and says "...


Is this of any help?… Make sure that any files/video...

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Can you burn a disc from imovie?QUICKLY!!!! PLEASE?

Can you burn a disk from imovie without internet? i need to burn the disk this morning at school and we have some special internet think where you cant just use it you have to sign up and everything and we need to burn it quickly. So can i? i used imovie...


You export from iMovie to iDVD. They are designed to work together. From IMovie, look at the very top...

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I have a project in iMovie 08' and need to burn it to a DVD. How?

I have heard that iMovie 08 sucks compared to all other versions. So...rather than telling me how much 08 sucks, please just tell me how to burn the DVD! Thanks!


save the imovie project. with the project window still open, click "share" on the top and...

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How can I burn a iMovie project to a CD/DVD?

i made an iMovie project on the MacBook Pro and I want it to go into a CD how can i put it in?????? i've tried exporting it but that doesn't help me either plzz help


You can try iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac.… It is professional...

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How do you burn a project from imovie onto a cd?

I made a really awesome video on my brothers mac computer with my friend! But now i want to burn it onto a cd and i don't know how! I have to burn it today because his college is in florida (where he is going tomorrow and i live in oregon!

Answer: also need a blank DVD-R disc Hope this helped, Jack

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My burned DVD disc off my iMac, and it won't play on any DVD player?

I have a project (on a commercial thing) due tomorrow, and I have an iMac. I used the iMovie '09 for my project, and I think I burned it into the DVD disc. I'll try to give all the information: What I did: -I went to Share in the options, and I went...


Wondershare DVD Studio for Mac is the all-in-one DVD and video solution designed for Mac OS users. It...

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How to burn video or files to a cd-r?? pls help me?

i have a new blank cd-r from the store then i try to burn using vista my procedure is: 1.insert the blank cd-r 2.then i open the D or disc drive it says format then i name it and select mastered format 3.then it will open 4.i right click the file i want...


usb drives or dvd r s work best

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How can I burn an Imovie on a DVD if I don't have a dvd burner?

I just finished an imovie project on my macbook that is about 15 minutes long. When I tried to pop the DVD in to burn it, the DVD just pops right back out. Long story short, I just realized that my mac does not burn DVD's. Therefore I need to somehow...


An iMovie project? You wouldn't need to burn the project package to a DVD. The project is just for editing...

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