How do I burn my pictures on to a DVD-r disc?

Let’s learn how do I burn my pictures on to a DVD-r disc. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Absolutely. You can use a Dvd-r just like a cd-r. If you have windows xp put your blank dvd in the dvd...

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Scan pictures to computer and than burn to disc?

Friends I would like to know how to do this as I am a novice and just bought an LG read/write device.I have a lot of photographs and would like to burn them to disc.Could someone give me step by step info and how many pics could a 700mb disc hold?The...


hi friend, Lets see it step by step: Ready???? 1) Place the photos in the scanner and press the scan...

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How can i burn an .avi movie file to a dvdr blank disc?

i need software for converting and burning, i don't want to have to worry about fees or registering or any hassling junk. Lol someone please just help me burn my dvds. thanks!


“Off the top of my head, my first guess would be you’re inserting DVD-R media in a drive...

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Burn error at 98% to 99% using Nero and DVD Shrink...Computer Whizz Advice required -TOP POINTS TO BEST ANSWER

I would like to know what the problem is with both Nero and DVD Shrink on my computer. The problem has been going on for about 1 month. I have tried every possible action from deleting and re-installing Nero and DVD Shrink. The disc always seems to stop...


Since it always seems to happen towards the end of the burn you can try customizing the size of the...

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Why can't I put pictures onto my DVD-R disc!?

Okay, so I have two Maxell DVD-R discs in front of me. They are both from the same pack, and both say they can hold 4.7GB of data (meaning music OR pictures, etc.) I've used both discs before, on this specific computer, putting pictures on them, but...


Hi The file types must be different on each disc and your setting for open with are not the same for...

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Why can't a view a disc that I downloaded on a dvdr disc?

I downloaded some pictures on a dvdr disc and I am unable to view them on my tv with my dvd player but yet I can view the disc on my computer? Am I doing something wrong?


Your DVD player doesn't support pictures on a DVD-ROM. Try a CD-ROM or USB drive (if the player has...

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How do you get pictures of a camera onto you vista computer and then put them on a disc,?

READ THIS FOR MORE INFORMATION: Okay, i want to get pictures of my Nikon camera onto my PC, (which ive done,sort off) I'm viewing them in Windows Photo Gallery And it says Burn at the top (which i pressume puts it onto a disc) There are 2 options 1....


You want to pick the video DVD option because if you did data disk youbwould only be able to view the...

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Can I burn a disc that will play music in a CD player and video in a DVD player?

I want to be able to burn a disc that, when you put it in a CD player, it plays like a normal CD. But when you put it into a DVD player, it can show a menu that lets you play videos or a photo slideshow. I remember these discs being very popular in the...


Yes, you can burn both video and music on a cd, not a dvd. Both cd roms and dvd players will be able...

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I am trying to burn photographs to a disc?

A CD-R record once disc that states you can burn photos to it won't allow me to burn pictures to it I prepare the disc but it keeps popping up with unable to format.


Once you format them they have been used and are no good.

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DvD Burner wont burn!! Tried everything..?

Ok heres whats up!! Someone i know asked me for a bit of help Burning some pictures to disc to save away from the computer! I have tested 4 different types of discs "its not that" I have made sure the disc drive is a dvd burner "Not That...


In properties it will show as "type cd drive", even though it's a dvd burner, so that's not...

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