How do I transfer a MiniDV tape to a computer?

Let’s learn how do I transfer a MiniDV tape to a computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to Transfer a Mini DV Tape to a Computer | Techwalla

Mini DV is a digital audio and video recording format. It comes in a small cassette (mini) and is a very popular format that is used in digital camcorders. The…

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How can i transfer movie from my minidv tape to the computer?

i'm getting ready to record a tiny show this saturday. i'm wonderring if i can just record the video onto the tape and then later transfer it to the computer or not. can i just use a IFC-400PCU? or do i have to purchase the ieee wire? is there a memory...


With a bigger capacity memory stick pro duo (probably 500mb), video recording can be done on mpeg.....

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How do I transfer my video from a MiniDV tape to my computer/disk?

I can't use the firewall cord that I purchased because my actual MiniDV recorder/camera isn't working. I know there used to be a VCR type device were you can set the camcorder more


Depending on the features available in your camcorder model, here are a few things that you can do:...

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How can i transfer the records from a miniDv tape to my computer?

I now that this question has been asked before,but i didn't understand what i am supposed to do. Well, i have a JVC camera that records on miniDV, an Amilo Notebook Pi 3525 more


Consider using a video transfer service. StashSpace.Com is good and really easy to use. You just send...

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You'll need to capture the video via firewire - if your PC hasn't already got one you'll need to install...

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Try to find a USB cable that works for your camera to your computer or visit

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How to transfer videos from computer to minidv?

I have a panasonic pv gs-83 camcorder and I Need to transfer a video from a computer back into the minidv tape. Is it possible to do that? If so how?


Yes. If you are using a program that supports non-linear and linear editing.... If the camera is attached...

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How do I transfer my miniDV video to my computer without using a firewire link?

Isn't there a tapedeck or something i can buy to transfer the video? What is the device where you put in the actual miniDv tape and it transfers it to the computer?


You can't.

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Question about MiniDV camcorders and video transfer?

I was wondering how MiniDV camcorders work when it comes to transferring footage to PC.. how long does it take? does it transfer a lot faster then the play time? Iike how long does it take per minute does it run the tape in like a FF to transfer or what...


Mini dv is still the best format (my opinion) It transfers to you pc at real time 10 Min's = 10 Min...

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How to transfer camcorder video to computer without firewire??? Is it possible? Help!!?

I have a canon zr65 (very old 2002 model). It records on minidv tape. The outlets on the camera have a usb symbol much smaller in size than usb that goes into the computer. I went to a camera store and they told me I would have to pay someone to transfer...


Yes the cheapest adapter I have used has been the DAZZLE, just google it or go here: http://www.pinnaclesys...

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