How do I use auto-increment within a trigger?

Let’s learn how do I use auto-increment within a trigger. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to use 2 auto increment columns in MySQL phpmyadmin

How to use 2 auto increment columns in MySQL ... Triggers (an AFTER INSERT ... have associated column to define uniqueness from other auto_increment values within the ...

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Audiophiles: Is there a way I can use one 12v trigger to operate multiple amplifiers?

I have a receiver with one 12v trigger for external machines. I have three powered speakers with single trigger inputs. I am looking for a device that will let me use the lone 12v trigger on my receiver to power up/down my three speakers.


Just wire the triggers in parallel.

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Please explain how to use the bowens pulsar radio trigger device?

I have bought a new flash radio trigger system, but I am struggling to get it to trigger my flash head even though I've tried all the transmit/receive combinations! Am I right in thinking that I don't need a sync lead between the camera and the unit?


This is a Master/Slave system (2 units required). You have the Master (sender) connect to your hotshoe...

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How to use a wireless speedlight trigger?

i have a nikon d80 and a nikon sb800. i want to know if i could use a wireless speedlight trigger (like so: to tirgger my flash off camera.


Why not just put your D80 in commander mode and slave the SB800. But if you must, you need a transmitter...

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Is it possible to use a digital radio trigger AND pocket wizards when using multiple speedlites?

I am approaching a shoot soon and i need some speedlites. Problem is I only have one radio trigger units. If i connect that to one flash will i be able to use pocket wizards as well with the other speedlites i have set up?


I believe you can set it up so that you can use the other lights as slaves and they will trigger immediately...

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For trigger and hammer you use something labeled for triggers and hammers?

I really never heard of this, but I just read on another forum where some use a trigger -specific lube? You???


Never heard of it. I use a light molybdenum grease for ALL necessary lubrication.

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Yes, you can very definitely use transactions within a trigger in one of two common ways; 1. As with...

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If i am allergic to almonds, and nuts and i use a shampoo with almond oil will it trigger an allergic reaction?

i am allergic to almond and nuts and my mom bought me a new shampoo with almonds in it will that trigger my allergies?


It could. I was just reading about this, well it wasn't specific to almonds, but rather allergies in...

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Is it safe to use an eBay radio flash trigger with a flash unit that has a high sync voltage?

Yeah... I just got my new Vivitar 283 in the mail yesterday, unfourtianatrly, the sync voltage was a bit higher than expected, at 263v... My camera can handle 250, so I bought it assuming whatever voltage it was would be safe... Anyways... I am now in...


Most of the adds specify the voltage, some don't. It's $20... if you fry one, just get more. I have...

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How do i use a tippmann 98 e trigger?

my friend gave me his pimped out tippmann 98 custom for my bitrhday but i dont know how to work the e-trigger, how do i change the settings?


As your friend and try and get the owner's manual. There could be at least 3 or 4 different boards for...

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