How do insurance company pay out large money?

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How long will it take For the insurance company to pay me my money?

Okay me and my sister got in a car wreck back in January and were getting pain and suffering money from the insurance company my sister is 23 and I'm 15 Okay shes getting her more


yup, going through the court.

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How can I make my auto insurance company pay the money they owe?

Approximately 3 weeks ago my Tahoe was damaged in a hail storm. I filed a claim, and an appraiser was sent to look at the damages. He said he would turn in the info and i would be paid soon. About a week passed and i contacted (Gainsco) my ins. provider...


First, do you have an agent? Ask them to intercede. Sounds like you got an "outside adjuster"...

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Is it legal for an insurance company to take money out of a life insurance policy to pay the monthly bill.?

My mom received a letter telling her her life insurance policy was about to expire. She called and found out the value of her life insurance policy was $0. Her broker she got the policy from never told her she had to chose another policy because the...


MB was the only one with the right answer. Most people do not understand how universal life insurance...

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My company deducted money for my spouse insurance but didn't pay the insurance company.can i sue the company?

Hi, I work for an Indian based major IT company and they have deputed me to US to work for their clients .They don't pay for health insurance but instead they deduct the more


YES. of course you can sue. I don't kno what laws are in INdia but over here. You have a very strong...

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What will happen to my money if any private insurance company bankrupts in india.Will IRDA pay my money?

If any private insurance company bankrupts Then whether IRDA will pay the money.This can be possible company is showing false solvency rate for a long time.The solvency rate the company maintains whether it is in the control of IRDA or in the control...


As we have seen Satyam issue, this is not impossible to show wrong solvency data. Though money in funds...

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My auto insurance company failed to pay all of my medical bills. Can I get the money to pay them off?

I was in an automobile accident in late 2007. I was fully covered by my auto insurance and had excellent health care coverage through my work. My car insurance company said that they more


Yes, you can go back to them. Take proof of the bills they did not pay for. They may tell you they knew...

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It pays a pre-determined, lump sum depending on the type of injury, cost of treatment, and recovery...

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Can a company use private insurance money to pay other bills?

Just a curiosity question.... a friend told me that her husband is an accountant and saw the info for the private insurance account at his company and it was practically empty. He more


Yes. Assuming it's an HRA, there is no requirement for the company to fund the account. That's the point...

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If an insurance company doesn't have the money to pay out, what good are they?

To pay the insured in cases they have to file for compensation. Ya know? Isn't it illegal and fraud to insure someone, anyone without having the money to back it up?


What company are you talking about?

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My car's engine has broken down & i still owe lots of money on it,can my insurance company help to pay it off?

my car has broken down,the engine is down,it suddenly just stopped on me one morning and could not start,and fixing it would cost too much money,i have to total it and probably junk more


Bad situation. Insurance won't pay for engine failure unless it's the result of a wreck.

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