Will my insurance company pay for the damages to my car?

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Answer Only if the insured car was at fault.

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Insurance companies generally recommend not talking to the other party's insurance company. Your company...

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Car insurance company won't pay for damages.... any imput?

My friend bought a car. He has never driven it, and he did not have it insured. It had been sitting in the parking lot of his dorms (military) when the car parked in front of it had an electrical fire, and melted my friends car. It melted the front bumper...


They would not necessarily need to pay. The insurance would have to prove that the vehicle owner/operator...

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Insurance company said I'm 100% at fault for car accident so i have to pay all damages what can i do?

I was in a car accident and found out that my insurance company had not informed me that my coverage had lapsed. They wont cover the accident. I was turning left in residential area speed limit was 25. was going 5mph he had to be going atleadt 35 to...


Why do you think you aren't 100% at fault? It doesn't matter what speed the vehicle you cut off by turning...

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How long can the car insurance company wait to pay me for damages for a car accident that was not my fault?

I was in a car accident that was the other drivers fault and have filed a claim through their insurance (State Farm). I called today to see what the status was so I can get my car fixed and they said they haven't been able to get a hold of the driver...


Yes, they need to verify the facts of the accident before they will pay you. Before they write a check...

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I was in a car accident and the other insurance company wont pay full amount of damages?

I was in a car accident on NOV 24, 2011 it is no DEC 13, 2011 and after all this waiting the other guys insurance company told me they will only give me half.... was coming out work parking lot he then backed up and hit my front end we both said ok deal...


take him to small claims court for the $500

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A car ran into our yard, AAA Auto Insurance Company won’t pay for permanent damages to my tree…?

A car ran into our front yard, the driver claimed in the police report that she fell asleep on the steering wheel (this happened at 2pm). The car was totaled and did damage to our: lawn, fences on each side, mail box, concrete planter on one side, and...


This is a perfect example of how peoples rights get trampled every day as well as people getting ripped...

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Insurance Company dont want to pay for damages. The Person who hit my car had full coverage. What do I do?

My car was parked. A speeder hit my car and 3 other parked cars. My vehicle is has the worse damages in the rear back drivers side. The insurance company saying that they cant pay for ...show more


If you are saying that the guys policy only has $5000 worth of property damage coverage then that is...

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