How much does an average car insurance company pay for a rental car?

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How much does a car rental company pay for insurance?

Does any one work in/own a car rental. I'm curious how much insurance costs per vehicle per mo/yr? I'm asking about a private car rental, that pays for insurance. not a big chain, like Enterprise, Avis, hertz,etc. that are self insured.


Dude, you can't buy it by the month. And it's going to depend HEAVILY on which state and city you rent...

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My car got totalled in an accident, insurance company wants to buy it. How much will they pay me?

I have a 1993 Nissan NX which was in a decent condition and never gave me any problems. Recently it got rear-ended. The other party's insurance took the responsibility and asked me to get an estimate. The estimate says the repair costs are about $50...


Most insurance companies use NADA to detmine the RETAIL value of your car, not Kelley Blue Book. This...

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Help! If my car insurance deductible is $750 and repairs cost $489, How much will the insurance company pay?

My car was vandalized. The adjuster sent me an estimate for $489. This is lower than my deductible. Does this mean that the insurance company does not have to pay anything? If so, i'm going to find some better insurance.


just remember that if you lower your deductible, your rates usually go up

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How long will my car insurance company take to pay out and how much will I get?

On Saturday my car caught fire while I was driving it (apparently the fuel line came out). It's a Peugeot 206 1999 and has done 87,000 miles. It wasn't in bad condition either. It's blatently a write-off, the engine looks like one big bit of plastic...


It may take a while. Thefts and burned out cars usually get investigated by Special Investigative Units...

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How much should a insurance company pay for a car accident that left me disabled for the rest of my life?

I have had 1 surgery and may need another on my back. I can no longer do the things i use to enjoy. I have a 7 year old that I can't do the things i use to do and should be able to. I'm now on pain management. The pain and suffering goes beyond just...


I'm sorry to hear about your experience! How were you involved in the accident? Unless the insurance...

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How much will insurance company pay for car?

My daughter had an accident where the left drivers side quarter was damaged. NO WAY this car is totaled, yet they totaled it. She bought the car from a dealer who repairs cars with more


Book value of a car with a salvaged title is usually less than 50% of the value of a car without a damage...

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Does the insurance company ( the other guys' fault) pay for rental car insurance?

I got swiped in the week. He is culpable and using his insurance Farmers. I get a rental while my car is in the shop. Farmers- do they pay for my rental insurance, if I am not covered to drive another car but my own? I have legal insurance- liability...


Farmers Insurance will pay for your rental car but not the insurance on the rental car. The insurance...

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Is an insurance company obligated to pay for car rental after an accident?

Last week I was involved in an accident that was not my fault where my car has been deemed a total loss. I was talking to my insurance agent today, he mentioned that the other person's insurance should have put me on a rental that same day or at least...


That's how it goes when renting a car. It isn't the insurance company's fault this "puts undue...

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Is auto insurance company required to pay for car rental AND tax?

i got hit by another driver. And, his auto insurance company pay for the damage and car rental. They pay $25/day for car rental. Is insurance company required daily amount PLUS car rental taxes if i choose to take money?



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My Car was stolen, I am The Victim How can we make the Insurance Company Pay!?

My Car was stolen, Deemed totaled/ Supposedly my insurance lapsed so the Carrier would not pay for it. after several weeks the tow company sold the vehicle while we were attempting to gather the funds to get it out of the yard. Our insurance is now current...


What part of "I had no insurance" do you fail to understand? You don't make an insurance company...

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