How do you attach a file on Hotmail?

Let’s learn how do you attach a file on Hotmail. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do you attach a file of pictures onto a hotmail e-mail?

when i click attach file and then press browse and get the file of pictures and press open it says "file name not valid" what does that mean. how do i do it!


after you click the browse you must use the navigaation arrow & navigate to the folder where your...

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Im trying to attach a powerpoint file on to a hotmail message but it wont work?

is keeps taking to the the resfresh page. how do i prevent this?


The attachment might be too big

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Everytime I try to attach a file to a hotmail email using Google Chrome on my Macbook Pro it crashes?

It is driving me crazy! I can't even force quit google chrome it completely freezes, I have to hold to power button to turn of and on the mac. Why does it do this? Can anyone help


It's not really a permanent solution, but you could try using another browser, like Safari, or another...

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I am not able to attach a file to my email (Hotmail, msn and yahoo,gmail etc..). won't upload?

i hav read all of ur suggestions.......but it didnt work i m using IE8 n also tried other explorers too i.e mozilla,myie comitbird but nothing helped me.......even if try to more


Yahoo has a help page about difficulty attaching files. Also keep in mind that file attachments cannot...

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I am having the same problem - whatever file, whatever the size....just keeps trying to attach and stops...

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How do I add a file on hotmail? URGENT!!?

My parents are trying to attach a file of photos using my email. Which is a hotmail account && when you hit attach you have to add them all individually. How can I get it back to send the file? I need to know ASAP!


i dont know about hotmail but it sounds like they did a change. Tell them to use gmail. You wont regret...

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How do you attach and send a large file?? (compress??)?

hi i really need to send a job apllication but hotmail is telling me its too big to attach, how do i compress to a zip file or something?? help xx


To zip a file: - right click on the file - click on "send to" - click on "compressed...

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Attaching file on hotmail!!!help!!!?

im trying to send my friend a music video of just dance by lady gaga,but every time i try to attach the file this thing pops up and says 'windows live hotmail did not receive the entire file you upload. this is usually due to a temporarily Internet connectivity...


That means the file is Too large! you need to zip it then try sending it

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I want to attach a file onto an email..?

i have pages (on MacBook) and i have a Hotmail account and i saved a file onto my computer using pages and now i need to attach the same file on my an email but i cant seem to do it. the file i need isnt highlighted for me to click on so what do i have...


When you go to attach the file, is there a File type selection on there, that is not set to All Files...

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