How do you cut clips from a DVD?

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What is good (preferably free) Mac software that I can use to rip scenes from a DVD?

I have a DVD copy of a play that I was in, that I am wanting to rip a couple of short scenes from to post on YouTube, but I'm not sure if any of the software that came with my Macbook Pro allows me to do this. What program could I use - preferably one that's free - to rip my DVD, edit/cut out clips from it, and save it to a format that can be uploaded to YouTube?


I recommend imtoo dvd ripper, REALLY good software, hadn’t had any problems with it so far, output...

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How to cut clips from a DVD?

i want to make a highlight video for my football season. i have a bunch of full games on DVD but I want to use clips from the games to put on one DVD of my best plays. How can I do this?


hey its so easy use software like total video converter, dvd chopper , dvd clipper and many more to...

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How to cut clips from videos from a dvd to post on facebook? any program needed?

i have a home video on dvd and i want to cut some clips so i could post it on facebook. how can i do that? what kind of program do i need? and do i have to post it on youtube first or can i post them directly on facebook? thanks


You could use DVDFab dvd ripper. It can rip DVD to almost all popular video formats such as MPEG-4,...

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How do I get clips off a DVD R that I recorded?

Ok... So I want to get just certain clips from a DVD R that I recorded for a school project... How do I put the movie onto the computer? And then what is the best program that allows you to cut or edit a DVD file? Its not copy written or anything cause...


You can use aimersoft dvd ripper, it enables you to rip the DVDs by setting start time and end time...

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How do I rip, clip, and burn DVD's?

With a budget of $40 can I purchase software that can rip copyrighted DVD's onto my hard drive. Once I get to that point is is possible to take clips or chapters from multiple DVD's and burn them onto a single DVD that can be played on a standard DVD...


Sure sure, "valentine's day gift" Of course your not going to pirate once you learn how to...

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Software to grab DVD scenes

Is there software that will let me convert a scene from a DVD? I want to be able to convert short clips from DVDs to a standard movie format, like an AVI or MPEG. Most of the DVD ripping software out there is geared towards ripping entire DVDs. If I...


On the Mac, the canonical free utility for doing this is MPEG Streamclip (there is a Windows version...

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Mini DV into DVD?

Hi. I have a problem. I’ve got a few mini DV’s which I want to convert into DVDs. But before directly converting it, I want edit, cut out clips, make transitions, add music, and etc. before turning it into a DVD. I’ve messed around...


To convert mini Dv tapes to DVD you need to get a good video editor. I recommend sony vegas studio and...

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How to rip DVD clips to make a compilation DVD with menus - on a mac

What workflow should I use to make a compilation of DVD clips (with menus preferably) on a mac? My goal is to have DVD or near DVD quality clips at the end (image posterization and compression artifacts in the background can be annoying at times.) How...


Why convert anything if you're starting with DVDs and you want to end up with DVDs? Rip an ISO of the...

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Fastest way to burn multiple clips directly from camera to DVD?

To archive some work in a class I'm teaching, I would like to record a series of video clips, burning each student's clips to their own rewriteable DVD as we go. Then, on the last day of class, I'd like to quickly finalize a DVD for each person that...


Oh, and if it matters- I was planning to record using a mini-DV-tape camera I bought in 2004. But I...

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How to extract clips from a DVD, and burn them to another DVD?

How would one create a digital clips reel (on DVD) from commercial DVDs? I will be teaching a class in the spring for which I will want to show illustrative clips throughout the semester. Some of those clips will be on YouTube, and that's fine. Other...


On a Mac, so far as I know, the easiest way to do it is by running a DV stream from a FireWire-capable...

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