How do you delete the history on the MSN search bar?

Let’s learn how do you delete the history on the MSN search bar. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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On the search bar near the search window there should be an arrow pointing down, gently chick it and...

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How to erase/delete search history (vista home, and IE 8 is what I have on my computer)?

I can not find how to erase the history of things I have searched for on the internet. Also the list of where (site) I have visited is there and I can not find how or where to erase it. I used to be able to just click on "erase history" or...


I think, if I understand your question, you want to be able to 1)clear/delete the history of the web...

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Clear history doesnt remove sites from search shows all sites Ive visited?

clearing history on MSN search bar doesnt remove all the sites Ive visited from search bar..when I put the mouse indicator on the search bar it shows ALL the sites Ive visited.How do you delete them???


Tools" ---> Internet Option" ---> Clear History / Delete Cookies / Delete Files...(These...

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MSN Live Search?

How do I delete the visited sites that are on the MSN live search bar? I've deleted history but names I've typed into the search engine years ago are still there. I'd like more


on if ur using internet explorer then click > tools > internet options > you will see browsing...

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How do i clear search history from yahoo web search bar, right click says delete but does not ?

im trying to clear search history from web search bar, i right click and option is to select all or delete. when click delete it does not delet. i dont see any icons pertaning to help or clearing search history.


Some of this stuff you will have to do regularly but This is what I do..If you have Internet Explorer...

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How can I delete the search history that pops up when I type into the search bar?

I know how to delete "History." But that does not effect the drop-down menu that appears when I type into the search bar (on Yahoo!, MySpace, etc.), showing every word/search I've ever done (alphabetically). I don't want this list to appear...


There are other ways, but the directions will be different depending on which browser you're using....

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Thanks for your help, but it just delete search history from address bar.?

I did delete search or browsing history from tool. But there are still something in Google/ yahoo search engine. My problem is: eg: my friends are very inquistive, and they borrow my computer very often and press a - z in yahoo, google, youtube search...


Um tools, content, autocomplete, clear everything and uncheck those 3 boxes x

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Mozilla Firefox wont delete my search bar history ?

on firefox when I delete the history it says I have no history but when I click on the internet bar that I type the websites into they are all still there when i delete the history the box that says form and search history wont let me tick it as its...


run disk clean up

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How can i delete my yahoo answers search bar history on a macbook i need to find a way to delete it?

someone needs to help me i want to delete the search bar history where it says what are you looking for? all the questions i asked they appear i want to delete them


Use Control H and find the history

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How do i delete search history from yahoo home page search bar?

on the yahoo home page there is a search bar in the middle of how to delete search history from that.


Try deleting all your cookies and clearing your cache. Who knows it may help.

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