How do you record a video on your webcam?

Let’s learn how do you record a video on your webcam. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i record a video with a webcam?

i was really wanting to post a video of me playing guitar and singing, but i dont know how they do it. i have a webcam here and i just want to know if i have to have a special program or something.. i dunno! if you can help me out, pleaaase help! :) thanx!


You should be able to capture the video through Windows movie maker, connect your webcam and open WMM...

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How do i mute my logitech webcam but still record video?

i wanna sing a song and put it on you tube but my webcam sound quality aint very good so i have a microphone to make my voice sound better but when i plug in my webcam and my microphone in it only records out the webcam so is there a way i can still...


you need to go into your webcam sotare options, it should be in there.

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I have this webcam its genius it can record a video but there is no sound how can i recor a video with sound?

the webcam is from genius i can record a video when i click on the video there is only me but not my voice how can i record the video with my voice!!


u need a mic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How can I record the video that's being broadcast by my son's webcam without him knowing?

I have two teenage sons, they have some friends that live out of state and often like to video chat with them. We have only one webcam in our house, so they take turns using it. I'm worried about what they might be doing on the cam when we're not around...


There are programs you can get that allow you to take a snapshot of whats on your computer screen every...

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How do i fix my webcam so that i can record a video?

I'm on my Dell Inspiron, & i'm using Dell Webcam Centra l. I'm trying to record a video on it but everytime i want to record one, it fails to record and says there may be a problem with the video capture and audio recording device. What do i do?!


Hi Nicole, and welcome to Yahoo!Answers: The first thing to determine is whether your Webcam works at...

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How can i record video on a computer without a webcam?

i want to record video off of my desktop and i don't have a webcam how can i record without one?? EX: i want to make a halo movie without recording it form my point of view but the screens point of veiw to my game


NO Problem!! use CamStudio Open Source, download from here: ►

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How do you record a video with a webcam?

Ok so I recently got this hp webcam. It's not built into my computer. I wanted to record videos but I don't know how. Is there something I'm suppose to download or is there a website I can use besides YouTube?cuz I wanted to record the video and maybe...


You may find the article How To Use a Webcam… helpful...

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How do i record a video on my built in webcam?

well i wanna record a video for facebook... i have no camera but i have a great computer with a built in webcam... so can i use that to record? if so please tell me how...


may be you can try this professional video capture

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How do I record a video from my acer crystal eye webcam?

My friend and I want to record a video.. we're using an acer laptop, we can take pictures with the webcam but we cannot record.. Help, please? AGH :)


You can try liteCam, I've been using it for few months to record webcam chat and pretty happy with it...

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How do i record a video on my webcam with sound?

i know how to take a video with my webcam but i dont know how to get my mic working while im takinf a video can someone hepkl me please


just try not to groan as you **** to some girl watching

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