How do you set up a printer?

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How to Set Up Your Computer Printer - For Dummies

How to Set Up Your Computer Printer. ... With some printers, you can set up your printer by simply connecting the printer to your PC and a power supply.

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How to set up network printer?

OK, I am new at alot of this and I want to set up a network printer at work. There is one already set up by someone else previously, but I believe there is something wrong with the printer since it is more than a couple years old and employees are having...


If you can’t find the right drivers manually I would recommend just getting a software program...

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Win 7 - my printer says offline - how do i set it to ready? thx?

It's turned on, plugged in and done the following. I'm having problems with spoolsv.exe. Have done the following so please don't sound like you're talking to a two year old. I've been researching this on the web and this answer may give me a clue. If...


With the exe, file could be corrupt, as you written everything that I can suggested, I would try removing...

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I set "default" printer and it keeps reverting back to other "networked" printer. How can I solve this?

I change to "Set as default printer" but after reboot, or lapse of time, it once again reverts back to "networked" printer "assigned" to my other computer. How can I get around this, other than just "Set as default...


There is probaly a Group Policy (GPO) that is reverting the printer back to the network printer. Unless...

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How do I set up already used printer to new laptop?

My Printer is already set up to my old laptop and I have had my new laptop for about 8 months now and i haven't set it up yet. How do I set up my old printer with my new laptop? So I am able to print things. My New laptop is a sony vaio with a webcam...


It should have in input plug like the iPhone chargers. all you have to do is plug that into you computer...

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How do i set up a hp officejet 4500 wireless printer with a toshiba laptop?

Basically, i have bought a new printer. I dont really understand how i set the printer up so that i can print things on my laptop. I would like to know, step by step exactly where to start and how you set the printer up to work. Im not sure if you need...


No, you don't have to have a wireless network to use the printer--but with no wireless network, you...

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How do I set a printer as my default printer?

I recently got a Hp Deskjet D2460 and I have a Windows Vista. Now when I'm typing up a report and I want to print it out, I click print but the printer doesn't show up. How can I set the printer as default?


Have you installed the printer drivers using the disc that came with the printer? And is the printer...

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How do I get printer drivers for my Mac from downloads to printer set-up?

I've downloaded Ghostwriter and pnm2ppa 1.12-4, but can't figure out how to get them from the downloads file to the printer set-up utility. When I go to "other" in the printer utility and go to "downloads" none of the files are highlighted...


I can't say I totally follow... maybe the stuff you downloaded is compressed... as a zip, or in a dmg...

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How do I set my HP C5500 printer as the default printer?

I just had to kill a virus on my computer and I don't know if it screwed up any settings or anything. I wanted to print a Word Document but then it said that I had no default printer selected when I click on quick print. If I just click print, nothing...


go to printer properties, right click the printer icon and select make default Print spooler Go to Start...

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How do I set up printer sharing, for my desktop and laptop?

I have Vista on both my desktop and laptop. The printer is wire connected to the desktop. They both run through the same router, obviously the desktop wired and the laptop wireless. I enabled printer and file sharing on both computers, and the printer...


make sure one is the main computer like your Desktop, make sure you named it like home_office, you go...

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