How do you set up a printer server?

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How to Configure a Print Server - wikiHow - How to do anything

How to Configure a Print Server. If you have multiple computers that need to share one ... then set up the printer server for “Windows 2000 and Windows XP ...

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Can I set up a mail server at home to scan with a C5510MFP OKI printer/scanner/copier?

The printer is a network printer and I only have a peer to peer LAN at home. I am not technical. OKI say I cannot do it unless I have my own mail server (and I also need to setup user id and password on my PC)? What does it mean to have a mail server...


So, you need to scan documents directly to an e-mail? Yes, that is possible... You just need a program...

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Is it possible to set up a network printer without having the print drivers on the print server?

I have an older computer that I put Ubunutu 9.10 on only to find that my Lexmark x3430 printer has become a paper weight with it. Would it be possible for me to connect to this printer from a Windows 7 laptop over my network? It seems to me that for...


Hmmmm... not sure. Usually you can't really use a network printer with 2 different operating systems...

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Can i set up my windows ME laptop to be a print server for my old printer, so my Vista laptop can print to it?

My new vista laptop cannot connect to the HP officeJet due to HP no longer provides that model to work with vista. How can I set up my old laptop Windows Me to be a print server so I can print to it to the HP office jet ?


Sadly in these cases, the end client (in this case your vista machine) still needs the driver to print...

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I need Yahoo server information so I can set up my printer to email.?

I'm setting up my Lexmark wirless printer to email. To do that I need Yahoo's SMTP Server name, SMTP Port number, and if the authentication is plain, plain TLS, or NTLM. I also need a username and password if that is applicable.


There are two sets of settings for Yahoo email. The first assumes that you are allowed POP3 access on...

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When in recovery for LexBce Server and set it to restart and 1 and 1 and it says it cannot find the...

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Do I need to install a printer to the network on the server PC or can I set at any PC?

I don't have the CD so I'll be pulling the install files from the web.


Hello , Look for item setup and click on it and follow the wizard .

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B is the answer

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How to set up a fax/print/scan server?

We just got a router installed at the office we own, and after looking at the situation, and asking how a network printer works I have some more questions. Would it be possible to connect a computer to the router, set very limited permissions on the...


This may not be as complete a answer as you wanted but I thought I would tell you what I am doing for...

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How to set up a home server?

Hi, I want to set up a home server, so that i can share an internet connection from one pc, use it as a printer server, allow me to log into a pc and access my setting and files anywhere in the house. What would be the best operating system to use, it...


Everything your attempting to do can easily be done by setting up a workgroup using xp pro .

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