How do you use your printer connected by wifi?

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Can i use WiFi on my printer if my computer is connected to the net via an ethernet cable?

I have a Canon MP640. Can I set it up using WiFi (so that I have less cords hanging around) if my computer is connected to the internet using a ethernet cable. I have tried to use the printers manual but it's asking me for 'access point name' and 'network...


'access point name' means the ethernet cable number and WEP means wireless Equivalency Protocol i really...

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Printing to a WIFI printer with a Kodak ESP?

i've got the WIFI connected between router and printer, but PC cant see printer - how do I have to use a usb to make initial contact? My laptop is wifi and is connected to the router, router connected to printer so why can't i find the printer when I...


at the moment the printer doesn't have any settings stored - the initial set up MUST be with your PC...

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If my iMac is connected to wifi and ethernet at the same time, which one will it use?

Unfortunately my printer will only print if my computer is connected to the same wifi as it is, but the router I have it connected to is our slow router, and I don't want to have to deal with slow internet, or have to connect to wifi every time I have...


It will use ethernet

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Does haveing wifi and... (lan?) iternet connected at once use up double internet?

i havea wifi printer and i have been disabeling wifi on laptop so it just connects to ...(lan? (the yellow cord with boath ends same)) it got annoying so... does having boath wifi and lan (local area connection) connected to 1 pc use double internet...


Any device will only use one connection. If you have both wireless and wired networking on a computer...

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How can I use the Printer in another room?

I have a Emachine in my room and in the living room is a Dell with a hp Deskjet 3050 connected to it. The dell is on our wifi network connected to the router and is connected to the printer via Usb. The emachine is connected to the router using a ethernet...


If you are trying to connect a wireless printer and unable to succeed then you need to inspect the issues...

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Help! I have a wireless printer with wifi capabilities but I don't know how to connect it to my wireless lapto?

connect it to my wireless laptop because I don't have a router, I use a cricket modem for my internet service. I also don't have a password of wep passphrase because I'm not connected to a network. Am I able to connect the printer to my laptop via wifi...


While it is possible to set up an ad hoc wireless network - basically by setting up a router in software...

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HP printer help and Macbooks and Dell and WiFi?

I have an HP Officejet 7410xi All-in-one. We have it connected to our wireless network and can print wireless from all but one computer (not the issue). The issue is that I have a terrible wifi connection in my bedroom. I currently have a router that...


Either connect the printer and Dell via Ethernet for now or turn them off. Are they a bit old? The fact...

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Can I use Ethernet with my wireless printer?

I have a Canon MX410 Wireless printer. However, I also built a desktop computer that doesn't have built-in wifi. With that being said, I use ethernet to gain access to the internet. I'm curious to know if I can install printer software and drivers onto...


Hello, Yes. Simply install the Printers Driver into the Desktop. The Ethernet Cable will work. Be sure...

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Can I stop my roommates from printing to my wifi printer?

I have a printer with very expensive ink and it's connected to our house wifi. I think my roommates will print to it when I'm not home and use up my ink. Is there any way to more


Turn off the wireless capabilities of the printer when you aren't using it.

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