How does printer works?

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No matter what type of document you are printing, whether it is a letter, spreadsheet, PDF or photo...

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So my printer works, but my scanner doesn't, anyone know how to fix that and why it's doing that?

I have a Lexmark All-in-one printer[printer, scanner, and it has spots for memory cards] and since about May the scanner hasn't been working. The printer works just fine, but there always says there is an error with the scanner. The printers had to be...


Does the scanner work from the control panel? If not then maybe it is a software problem. You may have...

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How come my printer works only sometimes?

ok, so my printer is kinda old, but it has hung in there. I printed a paper (from word) the other night and the last few pages came out streaked, i figured that the cartridge was running low, but i had already printed other stuff. that stuff came out...


Turn off printer-unplug it- uninstall it and then re-install it. What are you trying to print. and if...

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How can I install my printer so it works on my computer?

I just recently moved and during the move I lost my CD that installs the printer, which connects it to laptop. I also got a new laptop which is why it's not able to connect to the printer. I was just wondering if there is another way to install it or...


You can download the drivers online, I'll try and find the link for you. Ok here's the direct link to...

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How Laser printer works in comparison to an inkjet printer?

Which type of printer would you recommend to students? Why? What are the major differences between the printers?


Laserprinters "bake" a thin layer of powder on the paper Inktjets spray the paint on the paper...

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How does laser printer works?

i want to know how the basic components in the laser printer , and what is inside the material or the composition of the material that helps in working in the laser printer.. tnx in advance


Here ya go...

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How do i change what printer miscrosoft works word proccesser prints to.?

i went to print it and it went to a printer in a different room and i want it to print to the printer in my room


Same way you change what any other program prints to: 1. Press CTRL/P or click the File->Print menu...

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I received a HP wireless 6500 Officejet Printer, can someone explain how the scanner works ?

There is no booklet to this printer that I can find that came with it. HELP !!!


Here is the pfd manual for your printer. Refer to page 44

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How do I reset printer so it works right?

My new printer is randomly printing paragraphs on separate pages. For example, what should be one page with five paragraphs might be printed on five separate pages with one para on each! Where should I go on the settings to fix this and what should I...


It could be your computer, most likely. try unpluging it from the power source and re-booting it.

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All computer printer technology - how it works complete article?

describe each & every parts individual work used in all type computer printer ...



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