How hard is it to get a job in media?

Let’s learn how hard is it to get a job in media. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Media these days means a lot more than just television, newspapers and magazines. Digital media including...

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How hard is it to get a job in the media?

im in Y11 and im currently studying the Media double award, predicted grade A (GCSE), im then planning to go on to college to study the BTEC in creative media production as well as graphic design and then... if the prices are not too high go to Uni to...


Please define "the media". Broadcast? Print? Outdoor? Web?

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TTS Media in New York City is hiring for a Media Planner.

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How Can I Use Social Media Networks to Get A Job?

Beyond just saying "I want a job", how can I effectively and creatively use social media like Facebook and Twitter to get a job?


are you on Linked In?

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How can I get a social media job in Kansas City?

What do job recruiters look for in a candidate for a social media job? How can you stand out from the rest?


KC has a lot of tech industries that need social media managers for clients and there are also many...

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I plan to move to canada in a few months, how do i get a good job in advertising or media?

i've been running a small advertising/media outfit in my country, but my wife is studying in canada and has fallen in love with it. Now i want to move there but not sure if i can get a senior position in an advertising or marketing role in canada. I...


I think you had better read up on Canada's immigration laws. Unless your wife put you down as a dependent...

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I am the Marketing Specialist at Locations -- Workbridge Associates and I monitor and post on multiple...

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How do I get a job in social media in Chicago?

I have a degree in English from Illinois State University and I am currently completing a Social Media Specialist certificate from Harper College. I'm looking to get my foot in the door in the city.


take a look at Where are all the entry-level social media jobs? some great answers.

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I was asked to submit a proposal to a non-profit for paid social media strategy and implementation. But to be considered, they are asking that the proposal contain the strategy. How to finesse this to get the job but not work for free?

I do social media strategy consulting and typically get PAID to offer strategy suggestions. They asked that the proposal contain "strategy, tactics, suggested social platforms and target measureable outcomes."


Your proposal could contain a simple summary of the strategy, with a plan and costs for developing it...

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