Will it be hard for me to get a job as a nurse in San Francisco?

Let’s learn will it be hard for me to get a job as a nurse in San Francisco. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Where can a 14 year old kid get a job in san francisco?

Hi people... i am turning 14 in about 1 week and im wondering where can i find a job in san francisco? Would schools help you find a job? Does anyone know what places would hire?


hi...... you are still a child and you want a job already??? thats amazing,,,, but a child? i cant imagine...

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How to get a JOB in san francisco for a teen?

I am a 14 year old teen in san francisco, and i just dont know how to get a job, I have a job permite issued by the state but what do i do to get a job, where, how... \ I signed up on a few sites like teens4hie.com and monster jobs, but its hard to find...


very hard process.. you go to the place you want to work tell them you want to work there (apply) and...

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How to get a job for the city of san francisco.?

People think getting a job with SF County is difficult. Do you know how is the process. I want to get a job in the social services department. I would appreciate if someone has experience or can give me some tips.


Drop in at 44 Gough St. weekdays (between Market St. & Otis and opens at 8:00 AM) and look on the...

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Can I get a job in San Francisco even though i am 15 years old?

I am 15 years old living in San Francisco and summer just started. Over this summer I want to make some money. Does anyone know where i can apply for jobs or do i need to get something first to start working? please help. THank you


You'll need a work permit from your school before you can legally work. Keep in mind that employers...

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As a UK citizen if I get offered a job in San Francisco in theory could I work and live there full time ?

I am looking for a job in San Francisco but wonder if they a company offers me employment will I successfully gain entry to live and work there ? Of course assume I have no criminal record/no illness, UK born with passport and no baggage . Suitably qualified...


There are basically NINE ways that you can get a visa to live and work in the US: (1) Marriage (or engagement...

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How do I get a job in San Francisco with a paper-thin resume?

I'll try to make this brief. I recently turned 23, and due to a combination of drugs and depression since getting out of high school I have essentially no work experience. This makes responding to job postings very frustrating and humiliating as my resume...


Just get in the workforce. Don't go so much for jobs where you'd use a resume, but a job application...

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Im doing my GED where can i get a job in San Francisco?

Hi im here for some help on my situation, happens that i was born in San Francisco, but i moved to Mexico when i was 8 im latin so my mom decided to move back since she was about done ...show more



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If i get a job as a nurse will i be able to afford living in san francisco?

Because i know SF is really expensive, but with the right kind of job it should be managable. And if not sf what about daley city?


Sure, if you're an RN or LVN. CNA, no way.

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I am an entrepreneur. Should I go back to school or should I move to San Francisco and try to get a job at a startup?

If I were to go back to school I would want first to pay down a significant portion of my student loans. Then I would have to spend at least two years getting my degree in computer science. I am 24 years old and by the time I graduate from college I...


I will not discuss about going to school and not going to school it is individual preferences. As a...

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How do I get a project management job in the San Francisco Bay Area?

I am moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 4 months with work authorisation. What skills can I learn to make it easier to get a job and a list of start ups/companies and areas to get started.


If you don't live here already, leave the address blank on your resume and tell people you're moving...

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