How long will it take to close on a USDA loan?

Let’s learn how long will it take to close on a USDA loan. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by old.

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On average it takes 14 to 21 days for a USDA loan to close. This can vary depending on the exact type...

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6 weeks and counting to close on a USDA guaranteed home loan?

My husband and I got a pre-approved USDA Home loan and found a well maintained, non-foreclosure that is well under our pre-approval price. We went into contract on April 5th. On April 25th we submitted the rest of the required documentation plus 2 additional...


I think your close date shouldn't be a problem, but it is pretty obvious your mortgage broker is not...

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How long does the USDA loan process usually take?

I submitted my application in the beginning of September to the USDA for the direct loan program. I called about 2 weeks ago and was told that my application would likely be pulled in about 30 days (2 weeks now). I called again yesterday and was told...


From all i know, it can take anytime from one month (the quickest i've heard so far) to six months!...

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Usda home loan will they take my refund?

Our home foreclosed in Aug of 2010. Will they take our tax Refund? It was threw USDA Rural Development. We had gotten a letter back in Aug or Sept of 2011 saying we had 180 days or action will be taken..No Garnishment have taken place yet.. Will Bankruptcy...


I would hope so. Since you paid no taxes they should be able to take the full amount. They will eventually...

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How long does the underwriting process take for a USDA Direct loan?

I have been submitted into underwriting on 12-30-2011. I was wondering if anyone had personal experiences they would like to share. After submitted to underwriting does USDA ask for more check stubs etc? Please share personal experiences! Thanks.


USDA will notify the lender what day they are working on. Example would be 01-05-2012 we are working...

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Can i take over the estate of my parents who have passed away.[usda.rd loan]?

My parents owe about 11,000 on thier property which is thru usda.rd program.i"m the only child and was wondering do i have to give the home back or can i pay it off and keep or sell it.[parents are deseased]and i"m head of the estate thru the...


you may not qualify for USDA loan. Then there may be a recapture clause in the note. The fact that you...

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How long does it take to get a clear to close on a home loan after approval contengencies are met?

We have an approval with contengencies and all the contengies are just about done. Once my loan officer submits all the contengency requirements to the underwriter, how long does it usually take to get "final approval/clear to close" from them...


In my company, we can usually clear conditions within the same day. Of course, it depends on what the...

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If underwriters take too long to close my loan request?

for a refinancing deal on my house, do I have to start over submitting figures again or what? I think I was told the application figures expired after 90 days. I was called today to sign paperwork but it is a few days over 90 days now. Should I keep...


Once you sign the note and it records there is absolutely no way anyone could come back and change the...

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Will my USDA loan be approved by RD?

Loan sent approved by the bank and sent to USDA Wednesday evening. My only concern is that we currently live in another state and our current home is almost 1 hour from our work place, but only 20 miles away from the house that we are trying to purchase...


USDA is not approving your mortgage loan. Your lender has approved your mortgage loan. USDA would only...

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Should mortgage company legally charge me for cancellation a refinance loan after 45 days?

I signed a loan application on 1/10/09 for a refinancing loan and paid $300 to lock the interest rate. The loan officer say that we will closing the loan by the end of January, one day before the closing, he call and said that the under writer didn't...


While they typically have to return an "application" fee if you cancel the refi within 3 days...

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