How many cichlids should I keep in one tank?

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The requirements for Keeping Cichlids - Fish ETC

How to set up the ideal tank for Cichlids, ... The Requirements for Keeping Cichlids. If you want to keep African Cichlids, ...

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No no no no. Pacus are ENORMOUS fish. They get several feet long and 60 pounds, and will eventually...

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How many and what kind of community cichlids can we keep?

My husband and I just got a 75 gallon tank, and we want to do something interesting with freshwater, so we were thinking a cichlid/community tank. I know not all cichlids are suited for this, but a lot of what I've read has suggested the following as...


From experience the Keyholes and Kribensis should be fine. They can be a little agressive if they are...

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Can i keep 3 cichlids in a 29 gallon fish tank?

i am about to buy 3 baby cichlids. i have a 20 high tank which i am going to keep them in for about a month or so until they get bigger. i really want to keep them in a small enough tank ( my room isn't that big) i read online that a 29 gallon is OK...


Depends on the type of cichlid. German blue rams would be okay in that size tank, but three oscars would...

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I have just got 2 parrot cichlids(the hybrid) and put them in a tank and they keep ramming......?

they keep raming each other in the side and in the butt by the anal fin. are they fighting? spawning? or just astablishing who is boss? they dont seem to be hurting each other but it seems like after awhile they would just "get along". what...


Parrots are very peaceful cichlids, nosing around the butt is normal when they're getting to know each...

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Can I keep other fish with my African Cichlids?

I have three African cichlids in a 35-gallon tank. I have one Chinese algae eater in there with them. I would like to know if I can keep other fish in there with them; I was thinking of another equally-sized fish as I thought this might keep the aggression...


That would all depend on what kindof cichlids they are and how the tank is set up.

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55 gallon tank, african cichlids?

Ok, so I decided to try something new (I usually keep angelfish) since my angelfish I had for years died. So the aquarium shop says "oh african cichlids are fun, active and colorful". So they tell me to order at least 6, I went ahead and ordered...


Might Help if you actually post what African Cichlids you have as there are many Different species needing...

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Cichlids in a 20 gallon tank?

can i keep one pair of any kind of cichlids in a 20 gallon tank. THis is just a starting point. I will do more research.


You could have some of the dwarf cichlids such as rams, cockatoos of kribs. Or if you wanted to adjust...

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Can I keep my Cichlids tank in Indirect Sunlight?

I'm having a 64g tank & I'm planning to stock cichlids in it. I read somewhere that cichlids should b kept away from d/id sunlight! I want to keep keep my cichlids tank in the Veranda of our house. I'm sure, that it would make a good show during...


I don't think it's a problem if the sunlight isn't beaming into your tank. Since it's indirect sunlight...

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I have a 38 gallon tank and intend on having one or two cichlids or to be specific African cichlids. Any ideas

My first choice was an Oscar but once I knew the measurements of my tank, I knew it was not going to work. Any suggestions on what kind of Cichlid that could live in a 38 gal? Side note: I have nothing in my tank right now and I don't intend on having...


None of the choices you've been given so far are suitable. Convicts for starters are South Americans...

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