How many protected areas in the world?

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Protected area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term "protected area" also includes Marine ... and these mountainous protected areas made up 32.5% of the world’s total terrestrial protected area coverage in ...

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a group called unesco make sure they are not damged and suck the countrys pesidents 8===========D

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They didn't have google earth, so they didn't know what was there. Humans evolved from somewhere in...

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Why didnt the Nordic, Slavic tribes settle in warmer more protected areas of the world..such as in sub-Africa?

isnt sub saharan Africa a bit nicer climate and better for year round living than Scandinavia or Russia? ....ALSO, IS EASILY REACHED BY SAILING ALONG THE COAST LINE..? WHY THE VIKINGS COULDNT HAVE MANAGED THIS? why the Romans didnt do as well ? not just...


Have you ever looked at a world map? Before satellites and astronomy navigation of this type was extremely...

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If gas prices are high because oil companies trade finished gasoline and diesel on the world market - meaning?

that no matter how much oil we drill here in the US if someone in another market is willing to pay more than US consumers we have to match the going price or go without gas, and right now US production has increased so much that the US has become a net...


Fact:The drill baby drill crowd just wants to cash in on increased world wide demand in order to make...

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I have to right a paper about Egypt’s protected areas..?

Some general information I’ve found already, but still many of required questions were not answered and frankly saying I can’t find anything more about it. I have to cover these topics: 1. classification of protected areas in Egypt 2. according...


Not sure you'll get much help with this, as anything classified in Egypt is well & truly kept off...

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How can Google see password-protected areas of my website?

I've password-protected part of my website so that I could put up some info about a project that a friend and I are working on, without anybody else seeing it. I have a vanity search saved on Google for my name. Today I got a Google Alert for one of...


Google isn't actually seeing the content of these protected pages. Someone who isn't a user will get...

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What are the protected areas of el Salvador?

I need to know what are the protected areas and National Parks. Which forests are protected? Does anyone have a link to a map that shows them?


Maybe this will help you.…

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