How much does it cost to start a club in Spain?

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Start-up Costs and Marketing a Nightclub Business ...

Learn start-up costs and marketing strategies for your nightclub ... An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Running a Profitable Club Operation; Start Your Own Bar and ...

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Consult a local business consultant.

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Start up cost of a bar in eurozone? e.g. southeast spain?

hey im thinkin of starting a bar with maybe sum mates in spain. how much do you think it will altogether cost including rent, startup and liscense fees? do you need a lot lot to start with? is it possible to get a loan for it? who should i go to for...


The quickest way to lose a ton of money. Bars shutting down all over the place due to la crisis. Save...

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How could I start a Fight Club in Spain?

Should I make the members sign a disclaimer form in case they got badly hurt? It's okay to discuss, in the movie says rule number one is not talk about the Fight Club, but here more


Drop me a PM - I'd be more than happy to kick your ***

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How much does it roughly cost to make a new start in life in spain or italy ?

I live in england but I've had enough of it here I wanna move to spain or italy n seek a new life please help


First of all, you will need enough money to rent an apartment, likely you will have to pay 3 months...

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ICT is boring, so I want to start a game development club. How do I create a good argument?

Hello peoples. My name is James and I am a 16 year-old who has an addiction to computers and ICT, I have taught my-self basic; C, C++ and Angle script. I also know how to use HPL Engine 2 to create professional looking add-ons (another small game with...


Next move: Go find 9 more students who also want this, then the 10 of you are gunna go back to the head...

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Help us buy a van in Spain!

Have you bought a vehicle in Spain before? Some friends and I are looking to buy a van in Spain with which to travel around Europe, and we need your help! The trip starts in just over two months, around the 25th May. The intention is to buy a van in...


I don't know if they'd have something that is the size you're looking for, but both Peugeot and Renault...

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I want to immigrate to Spain, how can I do it?

I'm Hispanic and sick of living in a country that is so anti-Hispanic. So I now want to move to Spain and start a new life there. I'm going this January as a tourist to check it out. I also have lots of Spanish friends that keep telling me that I would...


Before you decide to move, settle, immigrate or basically call a new country home, you need to go and...

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Answer: The Post Hotel This is the building on the other side of Post Street...

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Ive just got a massive payout and want to own a nite club?

hi guys ive just came into a large amount of money thur a court settlement for an accident. i ended up having surgury so thats y i got more and now my leg gives way as the surgury didnt help., ive been looking at some night club that have been for sale...


I might be able to help you, where do you live and is that the area you want to stay?

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