How much would it cost to start a bar and grill restaurant?

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Starting a Bar & Grill Restaurant - How to Start a ...

How to Start a Business . Starting a Bar & Grill Restaurant. ... As part of your process in starting a bar and grill restaurant, ...

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What is the start up cost of opening a Chili's Bar & Grill restaurant?

Hi, I'm doing a marketing project, where it requires me to open a new franchise business. I need the start up cost of opening a Chili's Bar & Grill restaurant. I can't find it anywhere, and would appreciate the help. If you answer, please provide...


Call Chili's and ask.

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How much does it cost to start a Tapas bar/restaurant from scratch in Tagaytay?

I will be moving to the Phillipines with my brother and we want to invest in a Tapas style restaurant. A small one. What will it cost for the lot and construction and how difficult is it to attain lisences and contracts? My brother and I were born in...


that's a good business. can we go visit your tapa restaurant? it's better be good. you can check with...

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What's a good estimate for the average cost of operating an 8,500 square foot bar and grill?

I'm doing a "build your own restaurant" project for my high school culinary class, and I'm having difficulty finding information like this. The restaurant I've chosen to "buy" is 8,500 square feet (1/2 of which is patio space), and...


There was a show on tv about restaurant renovations. (can't remember the name) But they take a restaurant...

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A one day ticket to Disneyland costs $62.00 for a child, and $72.00 for an adult. The total cost for...

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What is the process as a hostess at the chili's restaurant bar and grill?

i was hired a month ago...i finally get to start next week but 3days of training first and then classes right after.when will i actually start the real work and am i even gna get paid for the training day and classes? thanks =]


Hi, I've worked for Chili's since 2007 and I've been trained as Host, Bus, To-go, and Server. During...

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My fiance and I are interested in starting a "bar and grill", how hard is it to start a small business?

My fiance has years experience in culinary and restaurant skills, but he doesn't have a college degree. This would be a life-long dream come true for him, but honestly we don't know where to start (other than the small business association's web site...


Well the capitol is the key ingredient. Licenses and safety codes. I would suggest visiting other bar...

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The lowest amount to start up a bar and grill is $125,000 in Evansville, IN. Most require $225,000.

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The start up cost of a bar that is not furnished yet is going to be around $100,000 including build...

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I want to start a small restaurant. What are companies like Cola Factories that ship food to restaurants?

Here is what I got. I want to start a restaurant with multi-cultural foods but instead I figured a cafe style restaurant like Denny's & Ihop.. BUT Starting out it will be small like a taco shop. Selling pizza, coffee and breakfast with a simple salad...


Consult a bankruptcy attorney in advance because the fatality rate for new restaurants is very high...

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