How much is a gameboy advance worth?

Let’s learn how much is a gameboy advance worth. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ChaCha.

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It depends on the game. Gameboy Advance games range in price from $14.99 to $29.99 depending on the...

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How much is my gameboy advance worth?

looking for an appraisal for a 2000 gray gameboy advance


really not worth much at all probably the best you could sell it for depending on condition and accessories...

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How much is Gameboy Advance SP from 2002 worth?

I got in 2002 and have lots of games for it I'm wondering how is it worth today? Thanks.


Thanks so much :)

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I have a used gameboy advance SP and I want to know how much it is worth?

I have a black used game boy advanced SP I was thinking about selling it and wanted to know how much I could get for it?



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How much does a Used Gameboy Advance SP cost at gamestop in San Francisco, California?

if there are any employees that work for gamestop in san francisco, ca, then please tell me what is the current price for a used gameboy advance sp in gamestop in san francisco, CA? I checked gamestop online, and the San Francisco locations, and the...



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How much for my 1 and a half year old GameBoy Advance?

how much can i get for my year old GBA (not sp), if i sell it?? and m also giving away two games along with much for the gameboy and how much for the cartridges? plzz help...


Probably $60 at GameStop and $50 on eBay.

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How much could I sell my GameBoy Advance Sp for?

On Ebay about how much could I sell my USED (but in perfect working condition) Silver GameBoy Advance SP for? I would be selling it with the inclusion of 6 games, although I'm not sure if I plan to add to the price for those as I'm not sure there worth...


If you really want to sell it, I would recommend craigslist or something and see if anyone in your vicinity...

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probably $75

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How much can I get for two Gameboy Advance SP's at a Pawn Shop?

I am planning on selling two Gameboy Advance SP's, a charger, a 4-way link, five games, and an Mp3 player with its own charger at a pawn shop. How much would I get for these more


for the gameboy and accessories--- probally close to $50-$60 for my psp and games and a charger... i...

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How much should i sell my nintendo gameboy advance for?

Its not worth keeping anymore as they no longer sell games and i lost the charger. So how much do you think its worth, its a pink one. Heres a link for a picture of one...


10-15 dollars With 5 games I would take 15 dollars. They can buy a charger at best buy. But then again...

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