How much is a math gcse worth?

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How much is a GCSE worth? - The Student Room

How much is a GCSE worth? ... at GCSE? I'd be interested in how much more people ... subject at GCSE. By law you have to do english, maths and some kind of ...

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How would a 17 year old homeschool themselves in GCSE Math?

Last year I got a D in GCSE Math and I am doing a course now that will give me an equivalent but I was hoping I could home-school myself in the spare time I have between looking after more


If you are pursuing other courses, focus on those more - nevertheless, as you have gathered, GCSE Maths...

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How would you do this Math question ?? [GCSE]?

Mrs Jennings shares £770 between her two sons, Pete and Tim. She shares the money in the ratio of her sons' ages. The combined age of her two sons is 66 years. Pete is 6 years younger than Tim. Work out how much money each son gets. You must show all...


First, make a system of equations to solve for the age of each of Mrs. Jennings' sons. Combined age...

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How to study for GCSE Math?

I'm doing higher tier and I'm freaking out. I got a C on the mock paper I just really, really want to get an A. >.< How should I study well for this? My exam is on June 6th and June 10th. :3


I find revising out of books realy difficult for maths. I prefer DVDs like MathsWatch which tell you...

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what is a GCSE?

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What would you do - Math GCSE?

So im nearly done with my math GCSE, only 6 months to go. Our GCSE is split up into three modules, 1,2 and 3. The scores for each of these modules will be added to give me an overall GCSE grade. Ive already done 1 and 2 and got an A in both. However...


I'd choose Module 3. It is easier to learn on your own anyway and you are going to have extra time to...

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GCSE Math Vectors Question?

GCSE Math Vectors Question: ABCD is a trapezium with BC Parallel to AD AB = 2x BC= 2y AD= 6y N= Midpoint of BC M= Midpoint AD P = Midpoint NM Q= Midpoint CD (Help with labelling: Bottom Lefy= A, Top Left= B, Top Right = C, Bottom Right = D) Based on...


If you look at a sketch of the figure, you have NC = y MD = 3y Why would it make sense for PQ = 3y?...

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Math help? GCSE exam soon!?

Help!! Im in year 9 and i have my Modular GCSE (2/3 part of my GCSE!) I am really worried, I cannot do fractions to save my life! On all the past papers that I have done, has been questions saying: 1. 3/7 / 8 (three out of seven divided by 8) 2. 3 1...


1. 3/7 / 8 = 3/7 x 1/8 = 3/56 When you're dividing a by b, you're actually multiplying a with 1/b. ...

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Edexcle gcse math in the uk?

hi i am taking my math gcse and i want to how do u get your overall grade inclueding the both corsework


One persons c.w in your class is sent of to the examiner, and the rest are marked up or dwn from that...

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I missed the 1st math modlue exam that acounts for 11% of my GCSE?

i moved to the UK from new zealand recently and it turned out that i missed the 1st math modlue exam that acounts for 11% of my GCSE. im in year 10 right now. am i allowed to do it at another time?


When I was at school I took all my GCSE's in year 11. (thats when everyone did) I know some schools...

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