How much is shipping to america from the UK?

Let’s learn how much is shipping to america from the UK. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How much is custom tax etc when shipping an item from America to the UK?

I am looking to purchase a Marc Jacobs watch on Ebay from America. It costs roughly £70 and I would be looking at getting it shipped to the UK. Does anyone know how much this will cost (custom tax etc) and how I go about paying for this? Thanks...


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How long does shipping from america to the UK take?

I've ordered a jacket from an official store in america and I was wondering how long it will take to arrive.


1/2 weeks

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Shipping from uk to america?

how long does it take? im getting a laptop shipped to me from the uk. i live in america.


It depends how the sender is sending it. It can anywhere between 4 to 14 days. If you ordered it online...

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Shipping from america to uk?

i want to buy this jumper but i dont know if they will ship to uk and if they do how much would it would be? and if they do it in england could you tell me where? thank you :)


Email them and ask the how much it will cost.

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Can I trust with international shipping to America?

I really really really really want to buy a vans scarf and gloves. I have a visa debit GIFT card. Could I use this? How much will it be? I already know the money calculations is based on its weight or volume. Will the convert the money from euros to...


you have to research that on the internet. if it says credit card fraud or something, dont give them...

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Shipping tax from america to uk?

i have just bought a pair of trainers from, i am from UK and i payed for these online at an american shop, i have heard wi will need to pay tax of a certain amount to the delivery person from UPS? is this true


if it is a tax i bet it is kept in you country america government only taxes the work poor.

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Regular post anywhere from 7 to 10 days.

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America to uk (shipping)?

how long does it take??????????????


Depends what it is. A letter can be here in 24 hours on the other hand shipping a donkey may take a...

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Does anyone know of a shipping company that takes passengers from the UK to America?

This does not necessarily have to be a cruise ship; a cargo ship that takes passengers would do just as well.


I travelled from Montreal to London last August on the ship Canmar Venture,I also Know there are various...

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How much will the duty be for this (ebay, from America to UK)?

The item will cost between £100 and £250 (it's bidding), plus £60 shipping. It's a large load of plastic figures, second hand from America to be shipped to me in the UK. What sort of charge will I have for VAT and/or duty?


Its 20% VAT plus a customs charge of around £8.

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