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From where to where? Cost is determined by the origin, destination, and type/size of vehicle.

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How do I create a custom shipping workflow?

Ecommerce, Shipping, Programming: I am setting up a warehouse for my burgeoning ecommerce business and am designing custom coded shipping workflow. I am also shipping orders from this warehouse for two or three other online stores in different shopping...


Hi Merlin144, I don't think there's anything you've missed - there seems to be a real gap in terms of...

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Shipping paintings prices?

I am just curious how it all works when it comes to shipping a painting. I ask this because I would like to price my paintings to include my asking price as well as the shipping price all in one price. I am going to be listing shipping as "Free...


You can mail your artwork at the U.S. Postal Service. Check out the USPS website for more information...

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Shipping fees refund: what is reasonable?

An seller failed to deliver on time, and is now quibbling about refunding shipping costs. Am I being unreasonable? On Nov 23 I placed an order to a third-party seller through Amazon for two post-surgical garments and paid the items cost plus...


Take the thirty dollars. I can't imagine your time is worth the $1.63 you are arguing over. The rest...

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I am having a problem on eBay. With the shipping charges to be specific. My shipping charges are drastically limited for some reason. Example: I was selling a PS2 system on eBay. It would cost about $15 to ship in a medium flat rate box. Ebay will only...


if in your shoes, i would raise the price of the system, or increase the minimal bid......

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EBAY SELLERS PLEASE.. Shipping fee on each additional item have not typed on the listing on ebay.?

So here's the story..Im a newbie selling in ebay. a buyer sent me a message that what if she will buy 2 or 3 boxes of candy is there any discount on shipping? I said yes if you will buy 2 boxes the shipping is $12 and if you will buy 3 the shipping would...


1st of all you can charge what you like on ebay regardless of the cost of the item outside of ebay ...

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How do you change the shipping method when BUYING from Ebay before you commit to buying?

Hello everyone. I want to buy an item from Ebay for the first time. The seller allows two different shipping methods: Expedited Shipping for $5.60 which is the default and Economy Shipping which is $2.41. I want to pay $2.41 for the economy shipping...


When you get to the "Review Your Purchase" page there should be 2 options for shipping since...

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E-commerce hosting on Vistaprint: why does the Vistaprint shopping cart require product weights when PayPal calculates the shipping cost based on price ranges?

I have recently revamped a website hosted on Vistaprint and installed ecommerce functionality. Vistaprint's website editor does not offer access to the html - only a WYSIWYG interface. E-commerce functionality is a shopping cart based on PayPal Website...


OK, since there is no answers and this is a while ago I'll answer it myself... Why: don't know. But...

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Shipping an item on ebay to Canada?

I'm new to Ebay and am selling a shirt. It has a lot of bids, but someone who keeps bidding asked how much shipping was to Canada. I'm in the U.S. and wasn't planning on shipping to Canada, but being new to Ebay I never thought to list that in the item...


It all depends where you are from. I'm from Minnesota and I ship products to Canada everyday. Small...

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EBay Buyer has a PO Box shipping address?

I sold both rock band and guitar hero video games to a buyer as well as the guitars for the game but I noticed he has a PO Box as his shipping address and I am shipping through UPS ground. Is there a problem here, and is it possible that eBay isn't noticing...


The best answer I can give you is that UPS will NOT deliver to a P.O. Box. There are ways to ship to...

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