How much money do I need for my ski trip?

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How much spending money will I need for a ski trip to Austria?

I'm going on a self catering trip next week, ski hire and passes are included but I'm trying to figure out how much I'll need for groceries and restaurant meals.


About £50-75.00 for groceries (more if you're buying lots of booze) The restaurants aren't that...

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I need money for a ski trip?

so here's the deal I have to raise 100 dollars in two weeks so I can go on a ski trip with our youth group... an almost 15 year old girl who can't babysit (because she has just moved and doesn't know anyone yet who she could babysit) who doesn't have...


get a loan

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Ski trip help/advice..?

I'm going on a ski trip to Crested Butte, Colorado with my youth group..its 3 days and I need some help. How much money should I take for shopping? I just want to get like a cute more


secure clothes against the cold especially if you will go skiing. If you do, secure also a skiing gear...

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Im 16 and I need money fast. HELP.?

I really need £700 for a school ski trip, It's hard for me to find a job because every other weekend i visit my dad. I am stuck and I don't know what to do but I am willing to try anything because I really need this money.


Good day, I am Richard a private loan lender, i give certified loans to serious minded individuals and...

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How much money approximately do you think i would need to save for a decent Euro trip? Or trip around Aus?:)?

Hi! I'm a 19 year old Aussie and i'm thinking about going on a trip around Europe for a month or 2 on an extreme budget. I wouldnt be staying in flashy hotels, but wouldnt want to stay in feral slums either. How much money do you think i would need to...


You would need around 2,000 to 3,000 dollars to do the Oz trip. Europe for a month you are looking at...

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I have no job and need help saving money for a trip i want to go on?

Ok so i'm going on a trip with my school to London, Paris, and Madrid. i have no job and i need to save money so i can go on the trip. the trip will cost about 2,000$. i need some ways to save up some money. does anyone have any ideas? the trip is next...


ask for money as a gift for your birthday, christmas, etc. and put it in a special savings account....

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I need a way to get money for a school trip to europe. The money is due in March and i still need 1500$ help!

Ok i am going on a trip to England in april. I have a job working at a laser tag place, and am only 15 so i cant work more than 15 hours a week. I am only making 7.15 an hour. Does anyone have some more ways to make money. Tried ebay and was a paper...


It seems a bit late to be thinking about this now. How did you and your parents expect you to pay for...

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I need help to get money for school trip?

Next year, my public middle school is taking a educational trip to Washington, D.C and New York, New York, but the trip costs $2,024 . I need ideas for getting money. Here is my ideas 1. Sell no-bake cookies ($1 each) 2. Sell gift cards for the cost...


Could you do chores for any of your neighbours e.g Cut their lawns clear up fallen leaves weeding wash...

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Europe trip - how much money do i need?

Hey guys, I'm travelling to Europe from early July-late September next year. For the first month I'll be staying with a friend in Switzerland and traveling around the country with her and i might also fly to Greece for a week if i can get any cheap flights...


This seems to be a good site for hostels... As for spending money, I think...

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My class is going on a ski trip. My friend and I both don't have enough money to go on the trip (500$)?

We have about 6weeks to raise the money starting with 5$ each. We are aiming to get 1,000$ so that we can both go on the trip. please any ideas? we need help!!!


Hold a car wash, cut people's lawns, run errands for people, walk their dogs.

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